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keep walking..




specially when you are walking

on a road

which has minimum traffic

in a weather

which is cold and wet but its not raining

and you are hit

by wind on your face... lets call it cold breeze for pleasure :)

and रफी साहब sings

गम और ख़ुशी मे फर्क न महसूस हो जहाँ
मैं dil को उस मुकाम पे लाता चला गया

(Gham aur Khushi Mein Fark Na Mehsoos ho Jahan
Main Dil ko Us Mukaam Pe Laata Chala Gaya)

I was smiling throughout my walk today i guess...

Thanks to

Manna डे who sung... आयो कहाँ से घनश्याम
Kishor दा who sung... एक हसीना थी एक दीवाना था
and a few other lovely singers who gave me company...

aaj maza aa gaya... sach !!!

ello... ek aur mast gaana...

jihal-e-masti mukun baranjish
Bahale hijraan bechaara dil hai...

sunai deti hai jiski dhadkan
tumhaara dil ya hamara dil hai...

wo aake pehlu mein aise beithe
ke shaam rangeeen ho gai hai...

zara zara si khili tabiyat
zara si gamgeen ho gai hai...

aisee evening ke liye clapping !!!!

God bless


  1. I envy you Om...am sure you have a pleasurable walk every evening with your favorite numbers playing. Wish we have those kind of roads here in Delhi. Send me 'Aayo kahan se ghanshyam..'please

  2. good selection of songs... enjoy till it lasts.... everybit of it.... god knows when u will be single again :))

  3. # Anony...
    actually the songs happened only yesterday... i managed to pull out my handsfree from the bag and take it with me... it was nice..

    will send that song to you..

    # Happy...
    hmmm.... matlab?

    # Aqui...
    yea... the songs collection will last no worries :)

    i like the second part of your comment very much :)

  4. inni acchi walk
    inne acche music ke saath!

    wah! kya baat hai :)

    * claps claps *

  5. the walks dids the goods to the Oms...taaliyan!

  6. bhai tu hai kaha? ping kar jara

  7. nice walk.. in silence in peace.. calm.. just a permanent smile for reasons unknown...

    my addition to your song list would be -

    "pukarta chala hoon mai"

  8. @ Tushar...
    arre main to yahin hoon... yahoo par login nar kar paya kal.. kaafi kaam thaa..

    @ You Are...
    good song that one :)

  9. Clap clap... for the meaningful lyrics, the simple tunes and effortless singing of that era!

    Special clap (and thanks) to you for walking regularly.

  10. You bet subbu...

    nothing can beat simplicity...

    and thanks :)