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I Ain't Got no Left Feet !!!

Its amazing what one good song can do to you...

I have been pretty dull since morning... and winamp just now chose to play "Mauja hi Mauja" from Jab We Met...

first thing i did was pause it, put the headphones one, increase the volume and PLAY...

and i could do nothing but dance while sitting in couch... well too lazy to get up you see...

My eyes closed... and what flashed through my eyes were

1. The jam sessions at college
2. Spectramind parties
3. Hughes get-togethers where we used to dance our asses out on our favorite songs being played over and over again ( the sariska outing where we played Dhol Mix of Summer of 69 over 25 times; the rain dance party when Summer of 69 ruled, followed by Amar Arshi's Kala Chashma)
4. Mantas party when we danced almost all night;
5. IBM's new year parties;
6. A couple of outings at Capitol, Ashoka in Delhi

Not that I am a great dancer, but I don't dissapoint... not myself neither anyone who gives me company !!!

I am getting a kick out of thinking about those evenings...

And while I was writing this post, Winamp decided to play DJ with Hare Raama Hare Krishna from Bhool Bhulaiyya...

and now in true DJ ishtyle, a twisty song from Hey Baby...

O Meri Jaan, na le le meri jaan... teri adaa...

Gustaakhi Maaf Kardi.. Ab to insaaf karde...
Apna Dil Saaf Karde.. Kehna to Maan le..

Jaane bhi De.. Jo bhi hua Jaane Bhi de !!!

Hey... could someone send me a link where I can get the list which is published in the Delhi Times every week, for the last weeks best songs?


  1. Murari,

    seems like ur "Chai ki Dukaan" is three years old.. [is it? - not sure??]

    But anyways - heres wishin that may the "chai" stay hot and conversation flowin forever here... :)

    Cheers mate,


  2. Baandri :)

    it always makes me happy when you leave a comment on my blog...

    Chai Ki dukaan started in its original Life as a (W)hole form on Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    and it was labeled Tough :)

    More than 3 years ago :) life has come a long way from there :)

    thanks Budd.. hope the chai stays hot and chai wala hotter ;)

  3. ...I have always believed that good music lifts up your spirits. 'Mauja' is anyway a very high energy song....
    Hmmmmmm....dude, dance and all...sahi hai....sahi hai...lolz...

  4. life has indeed come a long way since then...

    Amen to the chai being always served hot. as for the chai-walla, well he's always "HOTTT" bt not necessarily "HOT" ... :D


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  6. DT ki listings na www.timesofindia.com pe ePaper mein jake indiatimes id se login karke DT wale section mein tu dekh sakta hai :) You can view previous one week's DT
    Aur haan koi songlist mile to mujhe bhi mail karna pliss...mere pitaare mein saare songs log(ppl)-on ke daan kiye hue hain.
    Tere sawalon ke... was tooooo good.

  7. # That was it..
    you bet it is...

    Dance.. yes... love it from my soul...

    # Bindiya...
    you are so right...

    Amen :)

    # Reeta...
    ePaper was not opening up for some reason... let see though...
    i will send you the songlist... yes that song is a beauty...

  8. Flashback..... somebody told me that he cud get high on dancing not just booze... then how can u say that u are not a good dancer or got two left feets.... i can still close my eyes and remember the way u swayed non-stop.... wish i cud see you grooving on your chair while listening to those peppy nos... :))

    dancing is the most rejuvinating experience one can have....

  9. skeeter mentioned where u can find the list........and u can ask me for good songs anytime :)

    btw all songs of Jab we met rocks.......even the slow ones.....give it a try......and probably mauja is the only song by mika which i can like........otherwise his singing sucks big time..........

  10. # Aqui..
    i think you did not get what i was saying in the title... it means that i don't have left feet...

    you would just laugh if you would see me in that couch dancing :)

    # Deepak...
    yea... why don't you do this without me asking, could you not just email those to me... maybe once every couple of days :)

    i have heard all the songs.. i liked them too :) but slow ones.. deepu you know i cannot handle those well :)

  11. i m already laughing imagining....

  12. Hi there... :-)
    Hope all's well at your end...
    Dropped in again at your chai ki dukaan after a particularly stressful time at work, and found it as refreshing as ever!! :-)
    Take care...

  13. # Amandeep...
    thanks :) good to see you here again.. hope work becomes better in the near future :)

    Chai ki dukaan should always be refreshing ! hai na? nai to no one is going to come have tea here :)

  14. You're right!! Chai ki dukaan has to be refreshing!!! (Btw, i'm not a tea drinker! Tasted tea for the very first time over the last weekend, so i don't really know... just heard that it's refreshing! :-D)

    Regarding work... well, i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

  15. There is so much about tea that a lifetime is probably not good enough to know about it :)

    well... last weekend is when you started :) glad to know that...

    hope you enjoy the hot cups tea on the cold winter mornings :)

  16. Arrey nahi... Not started!!! Just took a sip to know it's taste... And as of now, have no intentions of getting into it!! :-)

    You sound to be a big fan of it though!!!

  17. oh yes... Tea is something that has kept me company like anything... EVERYWHERE :) so i have to be commited to my relationship with it :)

  18. Lol!!! wow... I like the spirit of commitment here!!! Hope you two are always there for each other all through life and see some wonderful times together!!! :-)

    Time for me to leave for the day... See ya soon...

  19. hehehe..
    sure.. have a nice evening..

    and Amen to your wishes :)

  20. lovely post.. made me remind some good days from my college days.. :) and u can get DT at epaper.timesofindia.com I think last 1 week's newspapers are available there..

  21. #Kishley..
    thanks :)

    and thanks :)