Random images from my flickr stream...



RiShiKeSh Re-ViSiTeD...

Have you been waiting for the pictures?

I have been waiting too, and finally I have managed to upload the ones from Tushar's Camera... most of them are clicked by Tushar himself except the ones with an "*" in the title :)

Click HERE to check them out... or click the link in the phototrips....


  1. Very nice!

    Good to see colourful and happy faces. :-)

    Will check out the other pictures soon.

  2. Dammit! Paanch baar try kar chuku hoon....yeh link kyon nahin khul raha!

  3. Very nice pictures. :-)

  4. # richa...
    thanks... it sure was a happy day... very happy day...

    # sayan...
    why don't you just go to my flickr page and try clicking from there?

    # rohit..
    yea nice...

  5. nice pics :D

    usme se wo wali fotu hata pls

  6. nice pics..... u lost wieght??? or is it the new short hair cut which makes u look more photogenic.....

  7. # deepak...
    cewl :)

    # burf..
    hata di...

    # anony...
    weight :D na nai.. me still as heavy as ever... but yes the hair cut helps in looking thinner :)

  8. there are another 2 which have to be removed

  9. # burf...
    ab kaunsi?

    I do not see any pictures other then the one i removed which needs to be removed !!!

  10. the place, the water, the people and the colors - everything is so bright & beautiful , isnt it? :)

  11. # mayuri...
    are you asking me this question?

    the pictures should have answered this question for you already :D

  12. hey nice !
    ur quite the talent with the camera...or was that tushar ??!!

    well im new here!

  13. # raghav...

    the ones with the "*" are my clicks...rest Tushar's

  14. Nice pics! And now... can I officially hate you for this?

  15. Nice pics of another fun trip...ab next kahan jaa rahe ho aap???

  16. Finally saw all the pics.
    Loved the panaroma in primary colors. Are you folks going to make that the official dress code for all trips? :D
    And needless to say I loved your t-shirt. Both the text and the color.

  17. # subbu...
    :) yes you may...

    # shweta...
    next trip is to Khajuraho in December :)

    # sayan...
    it actually is a good idea... to wear primary colours when you are rafting... that way you are easier to locate if you fall off the raft :) thats why i usually try to wear bright clothes... and thats why the life jackets are usually red or blue or yellow too..

    this was a nice conicidence that we all were wearing these colours...

    that t shirts rocks :) hai na... hehehe...

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