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Do you every fight with yourself?

How is the winner decided?

Is it you or you?


  1. MF....

    Isnt that a normal regular normal routine... i mean fighting with yourself..... in which u are the judge u are the loose and u are the winner

  2. I fight with myself all the time.

    Either of Me or Me can win, depending on a simple rule..."Survival of the fittest"

  3. Mein yeh fighting wighting mein biswaas nehi rakhta... ek hi life hai yaar... khao piyo aish karo... kahe ka dhishum dhishum?

  4. We fight. Sometimes more often, some times less....but we do. anf honestly, kabhi dhyaan nahi diya kaun jeeta.I think i agree with Priyanka there. It is just the survival of the fittest and you accept it.

  5. No man, no time to fight! =P

  6. Well....I do fight with myself and unfortunately I win!!!!! :)

  7. yes, i do fight with myself - at times.

    but its really tough for me to tell u who the winner is.
    because, i mostly get biased for 'the me' and let her take over 'the other me'

    moreover, i am biased when it comes to attribute my 'good thoughts to the me' and 'evil toughts to the other me'... i pretend that 'the me' is standing and fighting for the good/strong cause, and so she should win over 'the other me' who, of course, is representiing the evil/ bad/ weak cause.
    and so 'the me' wins

    but will she still win if i choose to play fair? :)

  8. There is the Sayantani I love and there is the Sayantani I respect. I usually let the latter win.

  9. # anony...
    its a normal routine..

    # priyanka...
    survival of the fittest... hmm.. who is fitter? is it you or is it you?

    # subbu..
    bigger picture mat dikha mere bhai... get into the micro level :) you will see some WWF happening there :)

    # richa...

    how do you identify the fittest?

    # rohit..
    :) besht hai bhai.. besht hai..

    # kanu...
    congratulations :)

    how do you console you when you wins?

    # mayuri...
    good and evil is another dimension to my thought.. but nice...

  10. # sayan...
    i love both the sayantanis :)

  11. fight kar ke kya hone wala hai ?
    see it this way....one of u has to loose too :D

  12. # deepu...
    rokne se rukti to kabhi koi fight nai hoti..

    when u fight with yourself... you just cannot help it...

    i am kinda surprised to know that you and subbu do not agree to this fight within yourself...

  13. maybe cuz i have seen fighting with ourself doesnt yield into anything productive........as i said one of u has to loose too :)

  14. kya hai ye... bematlab ki item...

    template change karne ka kya hua?

    chal mast reh

  15. # deepak...
    i am more surprised...

    i have seen internal conflicts very productive and improve one better...

    If I loose or if I loose, I still win...

    # burf...
    will talk...

  16. Oh its easy consoling me when I win...After all I win!

  17. Om, whatever I strengthen becomes fitter.

  18. good one, have been blog hopping and must say that you and your friends have some nice things on your blogs. :)

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  20. its productive only if we are 100% sure of which one of us, we want to win.....we do take a decision but in the end...we do keep on thinking WHAT IF..........so maybe from above it yielding result but the self doubt (which happens in most of the people)that creeps in result in troubles.........
    yeah i know i am generalizing .....but thats wat i have seen in people and still looking in more or less all of us who have commented on this page :D

  21. # kanu...
    :D correct..

    you are you are smart...

    # priyanka..
    you and you are smart as well... may both of you be stronger...

    # astral...
    :) thanks :)

    # deepak...
    most of the time when someone thinks about something which involves an action impacting yourself or others, there are second thoughts... that is fighting enough...

    some take a decision quick.. some later...

    we think kinda differently on this topic... i like that :)

  22. It's not about showing a big picture... I am not denying that I don't fight myself at all or have not done that ever. With experience, one tends to realize that it is a pointless exercise.

    I agree with Deepak: One of us had to lose too! And then there is this "What if" question later.

    I don't think in-fighting is productive or makes me a better person. But that's just me and my way of thinking.

  23. # subbu...
    i think you are taking fighting in an extreme sense... and i think i put it in that way...

    will mellow my statement down and ask you if you have arguments, discussions, thoghts which conflict within your ownself?

    do they help you?

  24. I don't need to identify the fittest. It emerges as the winner quietly and without making any noise. My fights last really long so when they end I just accept the result the way it is.

    Take it easy. :-)

  25. Oh yes.. it happens all the time with me.. In the end its not about which part wins, its about weighing pros n cons of each situation and coming to a conclusion/decision in the end..
    This process better be called decision making process rather than fighting with oneself :)

  26. I said this to Prashant the other day...
    "All those who are true to themselves, will always have a combat going on in thier heart & mind. Because its you, who can be your best critic. And the fact is that its dificult to take criticisms from "yoursef" too.
    So yes ofcourse, that leads to a series of discussions - ifs nd buts nd whys.....
    In the end whichever "You" wins will maketh you... good / bad / or variant degrees of both.

  27. ...and who's writing this post? You, or you? :D yes I fight with myself all the time, like everyone else. I guess it's one that I have to be, and one that I want to be.

  28. You & you...both are the winners and both are the losers!!!