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ThE GaMe : wHiCh MeAns!!!

How many times in a day do you play this?
Many times?
Never did?
Have seen people do it?

Anyway, we, in the layman terms, call this game “Let’s jump to a conclusion

Rules of this game:
  • Whenever the person in front of you says something, you hear the complete sentence patiently
  • Once the speaking is over, you think in your mind “which means
  • And then Jump “to a conclusion”
  • Now either stick to the thought that you have reached or
  • Ask the other person about the truth and ruin the entire game…

Here are a few examples…

Rakesh: I am not really feeling like doing anything today…
Rampal: “which means” that you are feeling bad about something?
Rakesh: No buddy, there is nothing specific…
Rampal: “which means” you do not want to tell me OR “which means” you do not consider me a good friend of yours anymore” or “which means” that you are doing something that I should not know about “which means” I have to know about it someway or the other “which means” that I got to make some effort to investigate everything…

Nidhi: Rahul dumped me today
Nisha: “which means” he is available now | “which means” I can ask him out |
which means” nidhi must’ve been a bitch to him | “which means” Rahul is such a bastard | “Which means” they did not have a good sex life | “which means” I have to dump Rakesh if I want to ask Rahul out and more “which means” and more “which means”…

Mom: How is life in the office these days? Do you feel good working?
Son: “which means” she is thinking of getting me married | “which means” she has already thought of getting me married to Sharma’s auntie’s geeky daughter | “which means” my life is ruined

And I do not even remember how many other innings of the game I remember…

Which means” I have bad memory? Eh!!! :D

But then on a serious note, I do not really support this game... But for some reason I see most of us around are a part of the fan following for this game…

What about you?


  1. Ahaan...the inevitable game…participation mandatory!

    Sometime back I proposed a theory about ‘Expressions’ and ‘Interpretations’, check it out …

  2. By the way ... MF! :D

  3. You asked "What about you?"... which means

    You want another controversy on your blog!

  4. the familiar as well as not so familiar game........u want to avoid it but still cant avoid it......irrespective of whether u like it or not :D

  5. # priyanka...
    congrats on the MF.... and what a nice post you have written too...

    # subbu...

    you wrote a comment

    "which means"

    you read the post

    "which means"

    you also have some thoughts...

    "which means"

    you are going to write them there...

    "which means"

    a start to a new set of thoughts..

    # deepak...
    :) true true...

  6. anyone with an analytic mind is bound to do it. and its not necessarily 'jump to'. could bt pure extrapolation based on prev exp, known consequences, time of the month...

    i like jumping to.. it gives me an excuse when i crash :D

  7. # jedi...
    correct... and i am not referring to the analytically correct people here... :)

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  9. totally...my boss tells me that when i asks questions 1 & 2, I answer questions 6 & 8!! :D analytical mind i usaually don't employ here...it's more of a tangent u know?

  10. I do this all the time man. Just can't avoid it!

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  12. i keep it simple and stick to this rule of thumb:
    "if someone says something;(i believe) s/he means it too, which means i should not put it to further scrutiny; no further probing;no assuming done on my part - which means i ll take it as it is said to be" :)

    if rakesh says there is nothing specific he is feeling bad about, so be it. he knows better,period.

    when nidhi says she is been dumped by rahul, she is. its between two of them anyways, so they should be the ones to draw a conclusion on this matter, not me :)

    confession: despite what i said, i tend to play this game. sometimes. only at times when i find it hard to believe what i m told.

  13. being a professional,,my rule of the game is to not think untill u r paid to think..so i dont play this kinda game...mind and time and both 2 precious for this..