Random images from my flickr stream...




Capitol Dilli Haat Noodles Camera Weekend Friday Night People Partying Girls Jalebi Lassi Tikki Aseem Slurpy Noodles Sandhya Ankur Cold Over-exposed Benches Play Deepak Sid Red Shirt Cars Anku Dance Priyanka Sandeep 2230 hrs Anjali Meeting Kadi-Chawal Midnight Ashoka Empty Roads Round About Speed Breakers DJ Suketu Hindi Remixes Happiness Dance Tiring Energy LEGS BODIES Bloody Mary Zayed Bugger Breezers 0500 hrs Trucks JAM Entry Couples Water Night Dark Stairs Hugs Sleep Beedi Alarm Car Service Dry Clean POP Porche FIAT Warm HOTT Coolant Clothes Mess Sleep Woofer Sound Melt Lips Back Sweat Hands Dance CAT Anant SONY Pictures Video Chai Sleep Dust Massage Hands

Just some words from the sentences that happened over the weekend...

Oh and some pictures from the Phool Walon ki Sair and Qutub have been uploaded to flickr... you might want to check them out here !!!


  1. MF!

    So many things! You're HAPPENING!

  2. # subbu...
    totally bro..

    # deeps...
    oops... that was worthing missing out on !!! hai na? let me add his name here though...

  3. i liked chick's smiling [3] and cop's and two in one lamps and tikki wala thumbnails better

    gramophone one was the best as it was as good in bigger size

  4. whatever happened to the sentences?

    Too many words and too few sentences...NOT FAIR...

    Oh and I know of the sentences...sounds like you guys had loads of fun!

  5. # kanu...

    i thought of limiting myself to some words this time for a change :D

    the weekend was too much of sentences actually.. one of the better ones lately !!!

  6. Jalebi, lassi, tikki, kadi chawal...mujhe bhi chahiye.

  7. # priyanka...
    :D itti saari hotties thi wahan par... melt to hona hi thaa in the pyaar tho hone hi thaa tone

    # mayuri...
    more then that :D

    # sayan...
    banao aur khao :D

    # clit.chatting...
    :D sure was...

  8. oye mera comment gum gaya yahn se?