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A lot of us claim that we are able to accept our friends the way they are, we are able to appreciate their good habits, ignore the bad ones or suggest improvements and still be content with the friendship...

And now the real world...

How many of us really live up to that claim?

Do I ?


  1. MF.....

    I wont agree with the claim..... I think we have freinds cause they are similar to a certain extent

  2. We connect with people because of what they are. Then, expectations start building up...and we start wishing for them to change. What amuses me is that we fail to notice that we might not like the changed person the same way!

  3. If one ignores the bad habits of ones friends, is he a good friend?

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  5. I wonder. Suggesting improvements always work though.

  6. i do..one of the management mantras is to not to try to change people but try to get the best of them.so i love my frnds and those around me the way they are..just ignore those i cant stand,,for the rest i think we all have so much good also that its just a matter of where we focus..

  7. i agree with what priyanka has said.
    the moment we start trying to change someone, our relationships lose their natural charm ,which had brought us together in the first place !
    i dont ignore the bad habits of my friends, but, at the same time, i dont pressurize them to mend their ways.after all, they know whats good/bad for them, dont they?
    just give them a piece of my mind and let them decide. (i know that suggestions r welcome by others, vexations r not)

  8. # anony...
    i don't think you understood what i wrote... The claim was to accept the people the way they are..

    # priyanka...
    hmm... true..

    # subbu..
    not at all, suggesting improvements is something which should be done... however pushing those suggestions only because you think they are right might not be the best thing to do..

    # sarthak...
    thanks a ton bro... will write to this guy...

    # richa..
    who does what? claim?

    # rohit...

    # ankur...
    true... ekdum true..

    # mayuri...

    # sayan...
    hmm.... i love for letting me be what i am...

  9. Now let's put this discussion in context with ,the inevitable...change.
    People change...all of us evolve with time.
    I would say a lsting friendship is in evolving together.

    Kavita & me have been friends for almost 15 years. We've literally grown up together & we've chnaged so many times.
    We've liked each other...we've disliked each other...we've shared...we've competed. But we've been together.

    She let's me be 'Me', she inspires the best in me. Above all....
    She knows what it is like to be me.

  10. "tere mu pe maar dunga ek"



  11. CHANGE is not what we target... I would use another management term here... Feedback... just sit and talk about it ... i am sure they will understand that you donot have anything to gain by just telling them what is bad for them....

    Baki muft ki salah dene walon ki to..... $%^&*

  12. # priyanka..
    thats a never ending discussion re... and someone has correctly said, the only constant thing in the world is change...

    i like the pride that you take in your friendship with Kavita.. keep it up..

    # burf


    # richa..
    hmm... ok..

    # aseem...

    and LOL :D

  13. Just reminds me of something i read somewhere....
    "People change, and forget to tell each other"

    Accepting people, esp. friends the way they are is difficult. But once you do it makes everything else so much easier. For both - you & your friend.
    Hence flexibility is the mantra, good for you, your life and the people who matter :)

  14. respect is the key; if one can understand this, then one can live up to the statement