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QuOte (un) QuoTe

"i need to know something more than nothing to be able to do what i want to do"


i wrote it.. and then i could not understand it when someone else said that she could not understand it.. hehehe...and then i read it again.. and understood it...and i guess it makes a perfect email signature !!!


  1. Very profound indeed. You are living up to your reputation. However, instead of "more then nothing" it should be "more than nothing". Have fun with your new email signature!

  2. @burf...

    # sayan...
    changed... but not the signature... i love what i have as my email sign....
    "Communication is like a Boomerang. The response you get depends on how you throw it."

    # mayuri...
    totally :P

  3. hmmm email signature.....i used to use one also.......

    No mask like open truth to cover lies,
    as to go naked is the best disguise.
    --William Congreve(1670-1729)

    still like it a lot

  4. I'd have loved to understand. But, my mind's out of reach. Nevermind. Later. :D

    And, err, email signatures? I remember reading "I will provide the best of my services" ...in one of the random emails I got. Am I just gross or everything's thinking and laughing at what I was?

  5. And my email signatures are always songs! :D These days I'm using Walk On by U2 :D

  6. hmm..makes sense...we always need something more than the nothing

  7. # rohit...
    hehe.. never mind... later :D

    email signatures songs... wish i could do that in my office.. in Hughes... the signatures used to be fun !!!

    # demi...
    kahan ho bhai?
    yes it does make sense !! :)