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LaZiE LAsT WeEkEnD....

If i had to give lazy weekend awards then the last weekend is going to get the first prize... i mean i cannot believe it myself... i did not even see the main gate of my house on Saturday till like 2130 hrs when i went out to get food for myself...

and i also did not get home cooked food either on three out of four occasions this weekend ( two lunches and dinners )
i ate chinese... noodles and sweet and sour veg..

i ate south Indian.... rava masala dosa and idli...

And i cooked for myself some pasta... and this time i was not that good.. because i forgot to add Pepper and Red chilly Flakes :( but it was good otherwise... the amount of the salsa sauce and mayonese was just right to make it taste fine... and i am inclined towards trying out something new next time... lets see... will move one step closer to making better pasta next time !!!

what else did i do.. :P i did a lot of nothing this weekend...
oh.. and yes.. i read those two mags that Ashi got me... Wow cameras in there... for some reasons firang lands have these online stores.. where you are get anything.. and that too at very decent prices... and India is still getting introduced to online shopping... we sure are a few years behind there... i saw exorcist too... it could have been scary if i was watching it in the night.. but Sunday afternoon it was.. so it was ok ..

Sunday evening i listened to some of the oldies that i have... HMV CDs with some classical songs... loved each one of them...
phoolon ke rang se... dil ki kalam se.. tujhko likhi roj paati ( one of the best songs ever)
jaaneman jaaneman.. tere ye do nayan.. chori chori leke gaye dekho mera man...( love singing this one)

and a few more....

the breaking news on the tv channels this weekend was Promod Mahajan's episode.. its unfortunate that he was shot by his own brother... and whats more unfortunate that hundreds of ppl in this country die everyday because they cannot get blood on time, while Pramod mahajan was given over 30 bottles of blood because of a leak in his liver... This just make me feel that to survive in this country you either need money or power... if you have anything of the two.. you will be good.. if you do not have anything of the two.. just mind your own business and life your life... and hope that you do not get into situations where you will need any of the two !!! sad !!!

oh.. that reminds me... if anyone of you wants to organise a blood donation camp.. get in touch with me... i will help you out... you can arrange a camp in your college, your office, your locality anywhere... summers specially is a time when the blood banks are short of blood big time...

monday was just another monday.. but i got ready in less time then other days... i also manages to iron my shirt and trousers.. and also shave.. and went to the office like a perfect gentleman... white shirt... nice beige coloured troubers... polished black shoes.. and nicely styled hair !!! if you are looking good it shows on your face too... a certain level of confidence wraps you if you are dressed up smartly !!!

oops.. its already 0730 hrs... and i have been sitting in front of the PC for about 45 minutes now.. lemme go and get ready !!! have a wonderful day everyone :)


  1. Me first!
    Rohittttttttttttt...tra la la la la.

    @ Prashant
    I quite like the idea of handing over lazy weekend awards. Khoob bhalo.
    And what's the kind of pasta you're keen to try next?

  2. @ sayan..

    i am actually not sure... maybe i will search for a few ideas on the net.. take some tips from you.. and make something :)

    lazy weekend awards !!! cewl... lets have a lazy weekend competition... what say?

  3. pasta....may i help :D

    my weekend was hectic......btw any1 wanna check out sales....go to MG road...

    good books near koko ...u can get hard bound books for 100 bucks there.....

  4. @ Deeps
    I know. Picked up a few Stephen Kings from there. :D

  5. # deeps...
    yes sir.. please help... i need it..

    hectic weekend good good... MG road is always full of sales anyway... kabhi bhi chale jao

  6. dis waz lazy bt a nice weekend.....own cooked pasta, fav magzines, old classics.....wat more u can ask for.sumtimes its gud to b lazy bt still manage to do variety of things:)

    as for ur quote, why did u write it? n i had to read it soooo many tyms to make sum sense out of it:-p
    n im still figuring out wat ecjactly does it mean...hehe

  7. heyy..tht was some ulta-lazy weekend..:)

    & count me in for that 'lazy weekends awards' ..my mother says i m a born-bone-lazy !!and my brother will vouch that we missed school buses quite often , just becos' of me (he being Mr perfect-always on time) :P

    did u watch the exorcist I or II?i found e-I pretty scary..

    and the old melodies & variety-food.. must be a treat fr u :)


    Anyways, Prashant baba, this sounds good. Seems you were seriously in a hurry when you wrote this post. :D

  9. @ shweta...
    ya.. to come to think of it.. this was not that lazy a weekend :P

    why did i write it... well.. i still do not know :P
    but trust me it makes sense :) read it again...

    if you still cannot figure out... call me..

    @ mayuri...
    you bet it was...
    lazy weekend awards.. ok... will think over it.. and have a competition soon...

    but don't you think being lazy and not being on time are two different things?
    thank God that even though i am an ultra lazy guy.. i am usually not late...

    i watched the one with the small girl... i also have watched the other one with the small black kid and the excavation guy who used to be a priest... that was nice too...

    yes.. treat to thi !!!

    # rohit...
    bhagte bhagte likhi thi bhai post...