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{C} A LiFe.... & a DaY...

i used to think it was only India which was full of festivals and reasons to celebrate and all the jazz... but with these firangi concepts of "day" coming in... we have
Valentine's Day
Father's Day
Women's Day
Mother's Day
Rose Day
Friendship Day

am i missing some of the popular days?

i guess not...

and to top it all, we have seperate gifts for seperate days... Rose day obviously calls for a Rose... on the Valentine's Day anything red and heart shaped sells... Father's day would see some special for-father gifts... not to mention some special mother's day gifts for the day for Mom's too...

if i had to make a wish list... this is what i would really like to celebrate...

  • listen to your music the whole day, day
  • kick your irritating neighbour day
  • run over the bugger on the road day
  • no incoming calls day
  • speak only truth day ( i am sure the world would be observing silence this day :D)
  • scream at the top of your voice day
  • play childhood games day
  • only smiles day
  • fire your boss day
  • be what you wanted to be in your life day
  • take your crush out on a hot date day
  • kick your crush's boyfriend/girlfriend day
  • live like a single day ( for married ppl ofcourse)

what else... lots i guess...

tell me what all days would you like to celebrate in an year !!!

i am waiting...


  1. lazy day
    sleeping day
    eating out day

  2. funny stuff :)
    but do u know they (phrangi) celebrate something or other alomost everyday..
    to name a few (rather to add to what all u hv mentioned) they hv days like..

    Make up ur mind day..
    Relationship renewal day ..
    Get over it(relation)day
    Letter-writing day..
    Let someone else clean day..
    Clean up ur room day ! ...
    Look up at the sky day ! ...
    No diet day..
    Dieting day...
    No talk day..
    Juke box day..
    Buy nothing day...

    and to get crazy enf..they even hv 'celebrate ur life day' ,'say a compliment day','dream of ur sweetheart day' 'hug ur partner day'..huh..as if u hv to plan ur life according to what their "its-the-day-to-do-this" schedule..
    (refer to www.123greetings.com )

    just think about it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, X-day ..Y-day, Z-day :P...from anything to everything.. u just name it & they hv it..
    and i find it rather funny..

    in my opinion,apart from birthdays & anniversaries, i dont think u actually hv to rely on such crazy days-stuff to celebrate something !! or to make something happen!!

    i'd feel rather uneasy if everytime i hv to look at the events-calendar & accordingly 'plan' to write a letter to someone or to look up at the sky...
    what a crazy thing!

  3. oh wat a nice question!>.... I can write a book on this one... but for now make do with these...

    show the cop the middle finger day!
    fart non hasitatingly day!
    bum pinch day!
    no combed hair day!
    black clothes day!
    walking backwards day!
    Dont move day!
    closed windows day!
    how abt naked day!!! lol... eww thats a nasty one!
    two fingers day!
    washing clothes day!

    okay bad question to get started on... the books coming soon!!!!... so watch out!!!

  4. blogger day
    fhoto-graphy day
    Morning Walk day - This is suppose to be national holiday ;]

    and some time later..
    Ankur Sethi Day - Also a national holiday..hehe

  5. sooo many funny things you could do to lighten up a normal, boring day! I like most of the suggestions, here are som of mine:
    -walk around in your pyjamas day
    -dancing day
    -don't give a shit about anything day
    -wear pretty clothes day (like skirts or dresses for girls and shirts/suites for boys)
    -singing day (everyone should sing instead of talking)
    -joke day
    -chocolate day=)
    -catch up with old friends day
    -hugging day

    well, thats all I could come up with right now. But as mayuri said, you could say anything and make a day out of it!!!

  6. Coffee Day.

    When all cafes will serve for free. And students like me can just keep sipping and enjoy their book :D

  7. sleep all day..!!
    pani puri day..!
    marry abhishek bachhan day..!
    Bunking day..!
    "proffs not allowed in the class" day..!
    no exams day..!
    jumping from ur balcony to ur neighbours balcony day..!

  8. your list is exciting enuf.....dont mind celebrating all the days listed

  9. want to party whole day day!-very important!:-)

  10. dont take a bath day
    eat all day..day
    wear pretty frocks day...
    and yes
    no work day
    no expense..shopping day...
    playing in the mud day
    taking a walk in the jungle/garden/mountain day

    and lots more....

  11. I actually like BASTM's idea the most..that of having a free phone calls (and smses) day. And one posted by someone who very imaginately calls herself Me, Myself ...singing day. They are the most unusual and fun. For the other stuff...I don't need a day or an excuse! I do at least try and do my own thing throughout a given day anyway.

  12. @ everyone...

    thanks for your comments... looks like there are so many days that we want to celebrate to enjoy our lives...

    I hope all of us get to live all these days whenever we want and enjoy !!!

    and i hope above anything else... we have a let me be myself and do whatever i want day... and this day be repeated every day !!!

    Amen !!!

    God bless everyone

  13. liked that "Kicking your neighbor day" concept....