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please welcome... prashant bhardwaj... the COOK :)

while i can cook ideas and naughty acts in my brain... i can successfully manage to feed myself with a fresh nice "made with some help" chilled pasta salad as well...

it all started in eatopia... i wonder how many things would start from there.... one of my affairs about 3 years back... the ODM... and now the pasta salads... when i ate the pasta salad there... and really liked it... and wanted to make it myself...

sayantani was there to help with the list of things i needed before i could make it... and i managed to buy the capsicum... or the bell peppers as she calls it... green ones; some carrots... and hara dhaniya... on saturday itself...

now the hunt for the right kind of pasta started on sunday afternoon... and ended at store-18, which now is my favorite store for things i need... because 1. they take cards, and 2. i got all i needed there.. including the mayonese, the pasta, and some salsa sauce....

so back to my house ready to cook...

chopped the veggies, nicely... boiled the pasta for about 20 odd minutes with some salt and a few drops of oil... washed.. or rinsed with cold water...

took some mayonese... beat it... and then mixed it with the pasta... added some chilly flakes... some pepper... a li'il bit of salt... and the mexican salsa sauce... the veggies... i had "power boiled" the carrots as well before... and then some grapes too...

and chilled it for about 30 minutes... and then relished the treat... too bad mom could not share it... it was her fast yesterday.. and pa in any case eats only once.. so he could not comment either...

and because i really needed some comments so i took some to tushar... and i did not know that he does not really like pasta and all.. so it was a dull reaction from him too.. Preeti however told me that it tasted just fine... and i am happy that it was eatable !!!

so ladis and gentalmans... next time you really need to eat some nice pasta salad... please feel free to come over to my place... but... gimme a days' notice so that i can get all the things i need to cook a good delicious salad for you ;)

ta tu...

and i have to go to gurgaon tmrw again... a drive of 50 kms one way !!! aargh !!!


  1. Very good show. I love pasta, in any form and shape. I look forward to tasting and testing your culinary capabilities.
    And "bell peppers" is not something Sayantani calls capsicum, it's what they are called as such. Sayantani has better things to do with her life than go around naming vegetables. :D

  2. Make some more and then get them alond to ggn tom........... i think this is a sufficient notice...

  3. wah yaar!! cooking shooking. very nice.

    but i'm not too fond of pasta either. hoping that u would cook something else for me if i ever plan to come down to your place. :D

  4. let me congratulate u first for ur cooking attempts.. good hai!
    and chilled pasta salad.. yummy :)

    dont worry, i ll give u one week's notice prior to coming over delhi :P so that u dont hv any eleventh hour excuses !
    & i m ready to eat a bowl full of that.. and may i also ask for a glass of apple juice to go with it ??

  5. Cool! PASTA! Kabhi Big Chill ka pasta try kiya hai? It's heaven.

    Deal then? Next time ho jaye! :D

  6. ok .... when am i invited.....i love pasta....

  7. # sayan...
    thank you hai ji... lets hope you get to taste it soon !!

    bell peppers.. why not call it just capsicum... anyway...

    # burf..
    thank you

    # aqui...
    hmm.. sorry yaar.. read this comment a li'il too late..

    # richa..
    oh.. sorry then.. i can only make something close enough to pasta right now.. or tea.. so whatever u choose out of the two would be served...

    # mayuri..
    yea yummy...

    apple juice.. no... i do not like it.. you can get your own bottle if you want..

    # rohit..
    i will do that very soon...

    next time ho jaye:)

    tereko invite karna padega ?
    huh !!!

  8. arey chennai wala hoon abhi....to invitation chaiye....10 din ke baad seedhe office se tere ghar pasta khane :D

  9. Aur main college se. :D

    But I always thought it must be a pain to be ready with the sauce, never bothered to find out when Di used to make it for me!

  10. arrey..ye kya baat hui?
    be a good host naa :P
    if i want to hv some apple juice with pasta , u should readily be offering that to me..

    aapko nahi accha lagta toh aap khud mat lena.. theek hai?

  11. arrey hero Photo bhi to chapni thi na