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OutTa HeRe....

i submitted the list of things that i commit to complete at work in the next one year, today...

long list...

and way to go...

have also thought of a few more things.. which need me to be more serious about myself and where i want to go and what i want to achieve...

i think i will be able to think while i am driving for 400 kms at a stretch... towards Dharamsaala....

and i want to do this thinking in the second week of may... starting the evening of 10th(Wednesday) to the morning of 15th.. or maybe evening of 14th(Sunday)

I plan to visit Dharamsaala, McLeodganj, Pragpur, Nalagarh.... and i would not be surprised if i go to Manali too which is about 235 Kms away from Dharamsaala...

anybody game?


the next question comes about what would be done in dharamsaala in these days...

expected drive time to dharamsaala is 8 hours.. about 500 kms...

trekking options:

Dharamsala is one of the most popular starting points for treks and rock climbing over the ridges of the Dhauladhar range. There are tailor-made treks in the Kangra valley around Dharamsala and adjoining places. The trekking season starts from May and goes on to October. The most frequented route from Dharamsala to the Chamba valley, over the Indradhar Pass (4350m), is arduous trek but the most novice trekkers can manage to complete it within five days.

There are many easy walks of small treks around McLeodganj and Dharamsala such as Toral Pass (4575m) that start from Tang Narwana (1150m), which is 10-km from Dharamsala. A 2-km stroll takes one to Bhagsu, then a little further a 3-km walk will bring the trekkers to Dharamkot. If one wishes to go on a longer walk then he can walk 8-km to Triund. The snow line of Ilaqa Got is just a 5-km walk.

The most difficult route is towards the north, a five to six day trek across Bhimghasutri Pass (4580), covering near-vertical rocky ascents, sharp cliffs and dangerous gorges. An easier four or five day trek from Dharamsala crosses Bleni Pass (3710m) in the milder ranges of the northwest, weaving through the alpine pastures, woods and passing through few streams, before terminating at Dunali, on the Chamba road.

The area is rich in small rivers and streams, which give ample opportunity for angle fishing. The 20-km stretch of the river Beas between Nadaun and the Pong Dam offers ample of opportunities in angling for Mahaseer.


  1. # aqui..
    happy to know that...

    now on a serious note : Chalna hai?

  2. photograph mein to itne sweetly hans rahe ho phir serious kyon hote ho.........wud love to come had i been given the permission....damn

  3. most probably....i wont be able to make it...too early for me....not even one month over after joining........

  4. kaise jana hai ? Radha ko lekar kya?

    Expense Kitna hoga?

  5. i have even bought a 256 MB stik for the trip

  6. good yaar. jao...and have fun!
    how i wish i cud come along!

  7. sounds kewl........ :)
    wishing u a great time there (advance me hi).. would wait fr the journey -details and pics..

    i wish i could also come along.. love the mountains.. love the ocean.. just love it all.. :)

  8. # deeps...
    yaar do din ki chutti hi to baat hai... abhi se bol de !!! try to karke dekh !!!

    # ankur...
    its a road trip yes...

    expense calculate nai kiya hai... abhi karte hain...
    1500 kms minimum drive = approx 4500 bucks
    3 nights stay = 2400-3000 bucks
    food for 4 days = 4000 bucks

    if 4 ppl are travelling on this trip.. i do not see the expense exceeding 3000 bucks per person... the way i travel.. which is usually bagpack style...

    # burf...
    stick use karne ke liye jaana bhi padega bhai... please plan it quick...

    # richa..
    you don't have to sound this sad about this !!! you have about 4/5th of your life left to travel sweetie...

    # mayuri...
    thanks... though its a li'il too early for your wishes :P

    ocean :o

    its just going to be mountains this time.. and a few rivers!!

  9. It's not feasible for me to join although I would have loved to.

  10. @ subbu...
    tu jab bhi dilli aayega na... tab ek trip maarenge !!!

  11. 90% i m in ...jus need to check @ work...dates might be an issue!

  12. @ ankur...
    good good... dekh lo... the more the merrier... we might have to get one more car if the number of ppl increases over 4 :) its going to be fun !!! great...

  13. another trip,huh. im j...hehe.
    u plz check out with guiness book n im sure u can win a merit for goig on maximum no. of trips...u never know.
    ihv seen on tv,dharamshala is a beauuuuutiful place n i too wish to visit the place sum day.
    so hv fun n njoy urself:)

  14. # shweta...
    don't be J... that makes me feel bad :(
    i have realised a few things about myself very late in life... and i just hope to live what i want to live while i can....

    and that is why all this effort...

    I hope you get to see all the places you want one day !!!

    # rohit..
    where does luck come into picture from... when i can jack my ass 12 hours a day; more then 60 hrs a week... a complete 5 day week without any life for myself, and then make that extra effort to give myself what i want... where does luck come into picture from?

    sorry if that sounds very rude.. but i do not like when genuine efforts are associated with luck !!!

  15. Ooooooh. And you thought ki main to jhak mar raha hun in 5 dinon mein!

    Bole to... You're able to go out when you want to break free.. You know.. How I can't join you after all this shit! Atleast aapka plan materialise to ho jata hai!

    And I'm sorry to have associated your genuine efforts with luck. Really sorry.

  16. # rohit..
    you know what is the problem?

    you are comparing your situation with mine.. and probably thinking what you are thinking.. i was not mentioning anything about you when i was talking about my days of the week... you probably are working harder !!!

    but i am sure that you know that there is a difference in our situations...

    you are about 8 years younger to me... when you reach my age, you probably would have travelled the entire world... chill.. and do not compare yourself with ppl and make yourself feel bad...

  17. hey tht j didnt intend to mk u feel bad....didnt u read hehe after tht, haan.n yes u surely will get to live wat u want to live coz u actually mk an effort to mk tht possible:)

  18. Yes Sir.

    And, I am 8 years younger? :O Ooohh.

    And I guess I was comparing! Sorry. Have fun there!

  19. @ shweta..
    thanks dear..

    @ rohit..
    are you not younger... did not get your surprised smiley after your sentence.. anyway...

    yea.. i am having funn...

  20. Just that I never noticed this 8 years thing!