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A thought just passed through my mind...

I don't know what I want.. But I know what I don't want...

Does that make sense... is this something that happens with u too?

I am going to Jaipur tonight for two days.. got some training sessions to take.. two processes that I have written need to be implemented there... going alone... just that time that i need or did not need with myself... there is nothing that i have on mind to spend the evenings. i should be through with work by 1900 hrs and then nothing.. get back to the hotel.. watch tv.. and talk to myself..
what should i be thinking about..
can i plan it?
what triggers a thought...
what am i writing... hehehehe.. funny... nevermind..


  1. Jaipur Trip postponed and squeezed to a one day trip... Time to think reduced !!!

  2. totally incongrous senseless afterthoughts, although the quote was nice.

  3. Say "Thank You" to me... That is my Quote... Whatever you said about the thoughts.. i do not understand... thori simple english use kara karo mere saath !!!

  4. that quote is quite intersting and very realistic too. so many of us are not sure of our own goals. zilch