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Back from a hectic schedule...
Went to jaipur to visit the Hexacom's Office.. Another feather in Bharti's Cap... anyway... work aside..
I found jaipur very polluted.. just could not walk there in the evenings... too much of smoke and smog.. that is when i felt that changing from Diesel to CNG actually has helped Delhi a lot.. and one thing very common.. the creepy Autowalas.. would like to charge you a fortune for something that is worth peanuts.. was accompanied by a guy frm office.. Vinay..

The best part was that we did not take a proper meal these days.. we lived on Lassi, Gol Gappas, Dal Moth, Sweets, Pyaaz Kachauri.. it was good.. the only time we ate proper meal was in the first day in office.. I had the opportunity to visit the only temple in the world for Lord Brahma and the Ajmer Sharif..

Will write in details about the trip a li'il later.... Gotta go for now !!!!

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