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jUsT LiKe DaT !!

Today has the been the day of some research.. a li'il bit of coding.. checking some formatting.. adding some content.. and making things look better.. no ! No ! not talking about work.. but about the blog that i am writing on.. went through a couple of blogs to gain knowledge and then added the same to mine..

Special thanks to

1) t.d. miller @ http://madtechspeaks.blogspot.com/ ( for inspiring me to add some more content to my blog)

2) Zilch @ http://bane3.rediffblogs.com/ ( for inspiring me to add the small cat at the right top of the screen).
Also she is someone who has been writing comments regularly on my blog, I have also visited her blog a number of times.. Boy you should look at the number of comments every post on her blog has.. very popular i guess !!! But I have not been able to find out who she is... Hey Zilch.. if you read this.. do lemme know :)

Will write more...


  1. cat on the "right" top - lol - r u correct about ur directions buddy - lololol, but damage control wont be hard ;)

  2. Hey buddy, what is the URL of this cat and u have given the wrong url of ur inspirer zilch.

  3. The URL is correct and so is the name.. That's how she refers to herself in the comments.. and i have only done a Ctrl C + Ctrl V !!!

  4. hi zilch here, thanx a lot prashant.popular- i am not sure about it but its a year long hardwork...anyways good luck with urs.u have a nice blog too:)btw do u mind if i link u up...

  5. @ Zilch.. I am sorry I did not seek your permission to include your blog on my page.. I hope that is fine with you.. Please go ahead and use the URL !!!

  6. abe o hero, tuje pata hai uske URL mein kya galti hai - it is "bane3..." and not "bane..." as you have it in ur blog (btw...im talking about ur post and not ur links)

  7. Corrected.. thanks for pointing it out !!!