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wah wah :P

dil to karta hai ke dil na kare,

phir dil hi kehta hai ke dil kar raha hai

दिल तो करता है के दिल न करे,

फिर दिल ही कहता है के दिल कर रहा है

Isn't having a blog the best thing EVER... i can write about what i thought, what i said, what i wrote... and be assured (unless blogger deletes it) that I will have it for a long long time :P


  1. Yeah it is.. I still have my first post..I wrote that some 2.5 yrs back.. and coincidently i read it just 2 days back.. I felt exactly the same thing :)

  2. # Anjuli...

    # Kishley...
    I do that often... gives me a reason to have a good laugh :D

  3. u can be silly, sad, crazy, imagine-u-won-a-pulitzer-for-this-piece and most of all be urself!

    i never knew i could write til i started bloggin!


  4. beautifully said!!..however confusing dil may sound u should listen to him!!

  5. ...karo karo, jo dil kahe wo khud tou karo hi...aur baakiyon se bhi karwao..:D....kyunki ye duniya bhi tumhari hai, jindagi bhi tumhari hai...aur wo jo dil hai, wo bhi TUMHARA hi tou hai. Jab tak tumhara hai, kare chalo dil ki...jab kisi aur ka ho jayega, tumhare haath mein nahi reh jayega kuch bhi...:- )

  6. you can pour out your heart on the blog and there are always people who are ready to listen to you, feel your pain, believe in what you say, have a laugh at your silliest jokes and well, love you just the way you are :)

    Blogs are therapeutic indeed...

  7. # Anonme...
    you bet :D

    # Gunjan...

    # That Was It...

    right :P

    # Bhumika...
    kahan ho tum aajkal?

    sahi kaha... and also the creative part of life can be captured on blogs like this awesome wonderful sher that I wrote :)

  8. this reminds me i shud read my first post which i havent read ever........... ever since its inscriptions stage

    PB you've grown a lot as in riting wise...

  9. # Aqui...
    thanks budds... glad you have been around all through :)

  10. PB sept 2004.... wasnt it earlier than this... u were way before me... if i remember it correctly

    and shove those formalities yaar... u dont need to thank friends

  11. @ Aqui...
    oh is that so... then you thank me for being around !!! hehehhe...

    achcha chalo rehne do... no thank you for now :P