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How IT can support NGOs?

I am developing a questionnaire that needs to go to various NGOs and would try to capture in detail the IT needs for them which might range from Hardware requirements, software requirements, reporting, MIS, Project Evaluation using IT tools, Improvement methodology detection through trend analysis and data monitoring, and anything else that an NGO might need from IT as a facilitator...

Need your help if you are reading this post...

Write for me situations where IT can support an NGO, and how...


  1. 1.They might need help on recieving online donations even if anonymously...
    2. Installation of a software to manage their accounts and budget may be.


  2. Some of them i know
    ~need someone to maintain their website...simple stuff content refresh, update their calendar
    ~managing accounts
    ~this may not be IT as such..but they want audio books(mp3)


  3. 1. Online Tutorials to educate volunteers and other staff
    2. Tools/user Interface to feed in data from field sites
    3. Database Maintenance and Generation of Multiple Kind of Analytical Reports
    4. Project protocols / questionnaires
    5. Software Systems that help them manage not only accounts but also logistics of materials to be created / distributed / vendor lists / purchase / fund management / salary /project timeline accountability
    6. Multi-lingual support

  4. i dunno much about IT and all but i kinda know what a childrens' NGO would need ~
    1. maintaining a database of all the children registered with the ngo.

    2. Have detailed profiles of the tutors working there that shall help assign them to teach children of a suitable age-group.

    3. Something that would help them manage their funds, and moreso attract funds coz we are all the time in need of funds! that should happen through advertising ~ so some free advertising online on your very own websites.

    p.s. shall come back with more pointers as and when they occur to me.
    p.p.s. visit www.akanksha.org

  5. 1) A Good website

    2) Tally and Excel to manage all the financial transactions as well as data computing (believe me thats quite beneficial)
    Basically MS office / Star Office/ free word, ppt type software...
    for proposals, presentation etc..

    3) Link on website to some epayment gateway (onm shared basis cuz hiring one would be very costly) and no anonymous donation, that would create problems in tax for the NGO

    4) Access or SQL server for DB or any other Free DB will do....

    5) A good reliable intranet (wiki type) for all the processes and guidelines

  6. All the above
    Some of them work with outdated h/w n softwares....upgradation...tech knowledge

  7. That's an effort towards good cause Om....Hope the efforts materialize...

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    # Sarika...

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    # Deepak...
    thanks bro..

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    # HelloWorld..
    I am sure it will...

    thanks :)

  9. Really depends on the kind of NGO you are looking at..The needs of NGO in IT vary Project wise..If it works with children, the needs would be different, with women something else, with capacity building, micro enterprise, rights and advocacy, all different..

    And on a manger's level something to take care of planning processes, monitoring progress, evaluations, questionaires, Data sheets, report generation after churning all the data in, something that can assess the qulitative as well as quantitaive developments of the progess, tracking system.

    On a fundraiser level: Maintaining website, sending out applications and project papers, updating calenders/programmes etc.

    On an accounts Manager level: Same as any private company.

  10. # Kay...

    I was hoping you would write here... thanks...

    This questionnaire is going to target the Support in a more generic way, where IT can support it irrespective of the kind of work they are doing... the assumption is that if I do not down into specific application needs, a basic infrastructre support is something that any NGO can use.

    Plus a lot of customisation cannot be expected from the sponser because it needs resources throughout the use of that customised application/software/solution... however I am trying to still understand what is it that the NGOs would want..

    the plan is to circulate the form in around 100 NGOs, gather information, and then move towards making a proposal which would also talk about a self sustainable model..

    lets se...

  11. Hmm..

    Do that but let me warn you beforehand, if it's generic, not many problems or else it can really go out of hand. As i said earlier , different NGOs will have different needs and it would be difficult to put up something that can be used by everyone. I have seen a few softwares by companies and tried using them but that's only been limited to accounts and staff management and is almost the same as any private company.

    The biggest challenge for the NGOs is the programme monitoring, evaluation and generating reports because they have a lot of data but don't know how to use it. They do not have a system with which they can sort the useful and useless knowledge and make it an intelligible report.A bigger challenge is the filing of qalitative ananlysis which is what makes an NGO different from any private / Government organisation where numbers are NOT the most important thing in a project.

    Then again..Let's see..

    Good Luck..Do send me a format too, if you're also targetting NGOs in India too..

    Btw, Amazing pictures..all of them..I'm jealous of your lenses now..

  12. # Kay....
    Thanks dear for all the inputs... however the current scope is about generic IT support only which would involve Hardware, Software ( not many customized applications), Training and Web Presence.

    As of now, if I go into the specifics of the types of NGOs and what they would need basis the field they work in, its going to be a huge project in itself...

    I think this pilot would be for about 20 NGOs in India only.. and once I have some inputs from the NGOs which fill the questionnaire, the aim to develop a business case for an IT giant which is also self sustainable in nature and present it to them...

    Thanks for the compliment :) The lenses are just the medium.. if you really want to be jealous, I am the one who you need to be jealous of :D :P

  13. ok..
    I'm jealous of you!!!

  14. hmmm, this one is interesting, definitely a scope for us to help i guess,

    Kay does make a lot of sense, cause I was not going past google...

    you know my strengths...let me know what I have to think about

  15. # Kay...
    :) :D

    # Aro...
    yes loads of scope... to start with you can help me with the initiative and take it from there..
    I would have to work on the feedback, prepare the final questionnaire, prepare a proposal and then move ahead...

    will discuss...