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Continued from the Pas(s)T !!!

Its not really the feelings or emotions or situations, but the people associated with them that leave a certain taste in the mouth towards them and we end up having an opinion in general...

Statements like

All men are the same...
Whats the Point...
Why do women have to spend so much time doing make up...
Bosses Suck

are all generalizations which get substantiated because of similar individual experiences, a lot of which revolve around relationships...

I feel sorry to write this, but I also end up making quite a typical fool of myself every single time I start liking someone...

I like to surrender, let myself loose, expose the weaker parts of my personality, look for support and assurance, whenever I start liking someone... and more often than not, I end up like an idiot watching himself do all this...

I either over do things and try to give whatever I have, and like a normal human being, EXPECT myself to be treated like THE ONE; or the women who cannot understand how to handle me are bigger idiots than me.. whatever the case maybe.. it all ends up in a disaster and pain...

There ends the second part of the post that I had written about why I am not too good with relationships :P

But still, like I believe... Hope is my word !!! and God Uncle my friend, who ensures that people like Tushar, Bindiya, Ruchi, Bharti, Arobindo, Abhishek, Rains, Monika and a few more, fill-in for him and be my angels !!!

बोलो किस्को Thank You बोलूं? Rather... here is a hug for you people :D :) will Thank You later !!!


  1. :-) I m sure u have met a few people who r even worse than this...then again..who's comparing...
    One day...U shall meet your match...

    Chill dude...you are a great and a wonderful person to be around with...:-)I owe u a lot...wud return d hug on sunday :D

  2. hmmm acha post hai..parr tu tension na le oye..chill maar..and the mantra is..no mantra!

  3. # Bharti...

    Tera naam hota hai post mein, to tu comment karti hai :D


    One day... haan...

    And me is chilled... as chilled as the Guiness in a London Bar...

    Return mat kar mere wala rakh le.. apna wala mereko de dena :D

    # Elusive...
    YESS Ma'am :)

  4. Ab kuch din se mere explorer ki memory mein ye site ghus gayi hai...comment toh karna banta hai naa...

  5. Ditto...I felt as if I was writing this...it happens with most of us in most of such situations...you really want to be treated 'THE ONE' in some relationships....Om, you are right and so pure in whatever you do for your relationship...trust me when I say there are some very good people in this world....as Bharti says, you shall meet your match someday! God Bless.

    Karam karte chal...baaki uski raja pe chod chal...

  6. you are adorable......... Jhappi for you....

    tumhein handle karna thoda tuff but never mind koi to hogi....baki hum hai na.......

  7. Some people are perfectionists..They never settle for anything else..

    Here's wishing you the perfection..God Bless..

    PS: I'm a perfectionist too..so i can completely relate..Till we meet our matches, life's still a journey..And what the heck..Cheers to all the guys who made me what i am..They still have their special place in my heart, but then they were not the "ONE"!!

    Someday someday!!!

  8. bhai kuch points:-

    1. abbe wo idiots wali lines apne baare mein likh ra tha ki mere :P

    2. bhai ye jo taar wala dude hai isne pants kyu nahi pehni? [waise iski polka dots wali shirt achi hai]

    3. firefox sala hindi is template pe sahi se render nahi karta - jo tune likha hai hindi mein wo muje ye dikhai de ra hai - "le lunga lo lun" :D

    aur 4th and 5th points mein 1st to 3rd likhte likhte bhul gaya ... :(

  9. # ThatWasIt...
    :) sab to ek jaise hain :D

    Like I used to write about myself... I am Unique, just like everybody else

    and about your last line... here is what fits the best :


    (It is in our power to do the KARMA, but we do not have any control over its success, like in the game of backgammon, we only have control over the dices but not the bet)

    # Freudian...
    thanks... :)

    who are you?

    # Kay...
    May be... :) like i said, hope and Uncle God :)

    # Tushar...

    1. Idiot wali line dono ke baare mein hain bhai..dono gadhe dono dost :D

    2. Pants hai na uske paas.. tight blue wali pants hi hai be..

    3. hehehe.. haan mere paas bhi fight hoti hai... par stats bolte hain ke more people are using IE while they see my page, isliye main hindi mein likh deta hoon kabhi kabhi..

    4. /5. koi na... short term memory loss hai... is umar mein ho jaata hai...

  10. chai ki dukaan mein aakar log apne dukhde sanjhe karte hain.... aur han vo

    Hug(jaadu ki japphi) wala funda sometimes really works...

  11. # Aseem...

    Phir se bolun, tereko yahan dekh kar achcha lagta hai bhai !!!

    Jhappi.. oh yes.. it does :)

    thanks bro...

  12. a friend.... an avid reader of your blog... a well wisher...... and ofcourse your admirer........ and this is all serious

  13. # freudian...
    glad to read that :)

    naam bhi bata do please...

  14. tell me if you dont like a new stranger on your blog......... cause i actually wish to safeguard my anonymonity

  15. “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.”

    - Read this somewhere am sure you have one for yourself somewhere in this world..:) just keep the eyes ears and all the other senses open you will find her

  16. Thought of this ghazal by jagjit ji when I read this post

    “Der lagi aane mein tumko, shukr hai phir bhi aaye to

    Aas ne dil ka saath na choda, waise hum ghabraye to”


  17. Bas ek hug..kanjoos brahmin sacchi! =P

    well i think everyone before me has already shared enough hope and wisdom to you, i reiterate that partcularly some of it such as -

    "tu tension na le - chill marr -tumhein handle karna thoda tuff [thoda nahi bahut hee hopelessly tuff] but never mind koi [bechari bewakoof]to hogi" :D

    so keep living, keep lovin' with minimum expectations and maximum belief.. [staying fit minus the tound shall also help ;)] 'n rest shall take care of itself.

    good luck, ;)


  18. Murari likhna toh bhool hee gayi...

    "Good luck Murari" :)


  19. Nahi re kiddo, sab ek jaise nahi re..main tere jaisi bilkul nahi hun! (Thank God)...jaise I don't have such a control over hindi you have ...baba re, upar se gaya..thanks for the english version..and to your point on dices and bet....when you are playing your part, just keep playing. (Kabhi tou kuch tou hoga na..nahi hota tou sala GAME badalne ka re...I have been hintng this for long now...)
    You have so many admirers anyway, koi na koi tou mil hi jayega! :D

  20. @Burf...loved your comment!! Laughed out loud!!

  21. # Freudian...
    No worries... just that "freudian-slip2006" looks very non-person to me and I personlly like to use a name..

    I understand your take on the name part.. let it be !!!

    # Anony...
    Ji... achche words hai... itna sab saamne wale ko samjhayega kaun :D

    # Bhumika...
    Jagjit Singh... I respect, but rarely listen...

    I have heard this one though !!!

    :) thanks..

    # Bindiya...
    You are my best friend...

    Kitna encouraging sentence likha hai... hopelessly tough !!! bechari Bewakoof :D hehehhe...

    and thanks :)

    # That Was It...
    Mon, admiraton time ke saath change ho sakta hai... par i get your point...

  22. Samjane koi nai ayega..ye kam tho aapko hi karna padega

  23. Ek ladki hai meri nazar me...she is old but najakat ultimate hai...daant nahin hai, par smile fantabulus hai...bolo to baat chaloon. :)

    Bhai, I know you are fine...I believe you will always be fine

  24. take care...chill maro....tension lene ka nahin...sirf dene ka :)

  25. Post nice hai...
    Donno what to say though.
    Burf ka comment padhke maza aa gaya! I am still laughing (Loud)
    taaliyan for burf and please somebody tell me about burf, burfe, burfi!
    Chakkar kya hai?!
    P.S.: I too can never read the hindi on ur posts. It shows sumfink funny. Ye firefox ka panga hai?

  26. # Anony...
    hehehe... bahut mushkil kaam hai !!!


    # Nitin...
    thanks for the pep talk :)

    # Reeta...
    never mind :) pad liya na, achcha kiya :D

    don't worry about all those versions...

    Its firefox that renders hindi strangely... upgrade firefox to the latest version... that still will leave a few gaps though...

  27. mushkil may he maza hai ...asan kaam no maza

  28. wah!! ab there page freeads hogaya :P

  29. # Anony...
    I cannot argue that ...

    # ~Me...
    did not understand that...

  30. :(
    Poor ~Om~

    Let me tell u all guys,gals,uncle and auntie here..
    Soulmate is the greatest MYTH ever on this planet.

    All u need is clean heart and willingness to adjust. :)
    rest will follow.

  31. om there was some junk ad jaisa comment in ur page just before mine..so said that...

    and i read the soul mate comment..and it just means Adjust, willingness to adjust all the other nine yards..

    BUT ... ill pass

  32. # FighterJet...

    not poor actually... but at times nowhere... only to get up again and give it another shot...

    like i said, HOPE !!!

    # Sharanya..
    ah.. that way... junk comments... I usually delete them...

    Adjust... right... its very important...

    God bless !!!

  33. "I will pretend
    That I dont know of your sins
    Until you are ready to confess
    But all the time, all the time
    I'll know, I'll know
    And you can use my skin
    To bury your secrets in
    And I will settle you down"

    Got it long time ago in a mail...i guess it perfectly fits here....

  34. all people who comes in our life leaves an impression some just touches our hand...some touches our mind ...some touches our heart but there are only a few who touch all of the above...

  35. abbe 6 futiya ko handle karna mushkil hi nai na-munkin hai :D
    a warm hug can make u lil chill tho >:D<(emoticon for hug)
    chips :)

  36. # Chips...
    hehehe... right !!! thanks :)

  37. :)..chips do help!!..the thai chilly sensations esp!!..n try some dark chocos with roasted almonds!!

    okie wrong time to comment!!.. i think i'm hungry!