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What are you looking at?

This is what I note in women... Physical attributes i mean... Not in any order though..

Front :

Eyes (If not too far away)
Hair ( I love long hair, though there are women who look amazing in short)
Lips (I forgot mentioning them... without a lipstick... and still pink... i might not even notice what she is wearing)
Breasts (Men find it extremely tough to not look at the breasts more often than not; so either the eyes gotta be very beautiful, the smile gotta be magnetic; the conversation ultra interesting or important... if none of that happens, there are good changes that the eyes would slip a foot down south from the face)

Back to Back:

Butts... first always... I really like women with nicely shaped butts..
The curves of the back... and how the hair flow down...

What is it that women look for in men? and I am talking about Physical attributes ONLY.. not talking about things like sensitivity, humour etc etc..

I know of a few:
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  1. interesting post.... you have real gutts dude to accept and post such things....

    now the question i mostly notice the following things in a man no specific order though:

    dressing sense

    rest i guess is not a physical attributes

  2. @ aqui...
    now that u have answered...

    why don't you elaborate on

    1. Looks (What is generally treating as good looks?)
    2. What is dressing sense? trousers with tshirts? or jeans with white shirts or what? explain please..

  3. did u get this question from trailer of movie partner?? Anyways what i see are (in this order)-
    1. Eyes and eyelashes
    2. Legs - depends on how much are visible ;-)
    3. smile and teeth.
    4. Nails.
    5. Hands
    6. feet
    7. hair style.

    About back- just the legs..dont gamble on anything more..

  4. Hmmm... well yeah if the guy has a magnetic personality - the physical attributes don't really count .. Men may discount us on that. We aren’t hypocrites and I guess that’s what makes us women different from men .. Or else we wd all be the same - shameless.. heheh ! Women want to maintain the subtleness whether it implies staring at the opposite sex or even fantasizing men ... ! Women are certainly made different from men in every sense.. Oh yaaah we do letch at men who have those fantabulous abs and sexy shoulders but then it boils down to who u are eventually !!

  5. :) you are just another male. and now that you've forced me to write about what i look in a man, then to tell you the truth, there is nothing specific which interests me. But still, I would go for:

    Dress --Someone who is neatly dressed.

    Eyes -- One who can speak with his eyes. Dnt ask me to explain, coz u know eyes speak a lot. :p

    Height -- Preferably a good height.

    Looks--change with age. And with time you tend to like the face if u like the person.

    Rest doesn't fit here :p

  6. # ankur...
    hmm... ok..

    # bhaw...
    Good words re... i think magnetic personalities take both the sexes away from the physical part anyway... so thats one place were we are common re..

    else.. i liked the way you wrote and what you wrote...

  7. # Sandie...

    Yes I am just another male.. gotta have a few things common with the sex i belong too :)

    nice list there :)

  8. umm... nice... some nice listing u hv there...
    adding onto ur list , from what i have been told by my male friends , they also notice
    woman's skin (complexion and glow, no matter she is fair or dusky)
    and shapely legs
    and long fingers

    moving onto the later part of ur post, this is what i'd look for in men ( not necessarily in the same order)
    broad chest & shoulders
    hands and trimmed nails
    overall physique
    and his voice (deep & husky sorts)

    and yes, can one forget noticing another's body language and (natural) fragrance (no odourous sweat, please)

    baaki , list ka kya hai.. kitna bhi banate jayo :P

  9. PB its more of each to his own personally for me its like this:-

    1. Looks - I prefer the innocent simple and clean looks, its shunt be cunning and boisterous....

    2. dressing sense - gentlemanly for sure...be it jeans and shirt or clean shirt and trousers, neat shoes with socks, essentially well groomed...u know wat i mean rite

    3. cleaniless... u know no long hair or nails (no painted stuff)... no piercing...no body odour (i dont believe i m typing this)...

    4. smile - genuine with nice set of teeth... no pan parag smile pls

    5. hieght - has to be tall, could be well built but not essentially required.... should be fit though

    Thats should be enuf to attract my attention....as of physical attributes though a lot more to go in mental stuff

  10. GREAT post..'OM'..loved it...hats off to your guts :) for accepting the truth...

    As for men to me give a 2nd look:

    1. Smile
    2. Broad straight shoulder
    3. Tight body
    4. Walking style - looking straight ahead or looking at their shoes
    5. How they talk - looking into your eyes, or wandering here and there
    6. Eyes - given that they are at a closer distance than far fetched
    7. Dressing sense
    8. Most impt.. shaved or unshaved..face!!

    These are all just the attributes that would me just turn my head for 2nd look, until said 'hi' Reactions to that 'Hi' can go either way 'BYE' or noticing MORE :)

  11. i must say that was BOLD!the facts everybody knows but few dare to accept them!alrite...here goes ma list of wut i see in MEN.....
    Hands-->macho types yet soft
    Chest n Shoulders-->have to be broad,so that when they hug u ..ur jst lost in their arms ;)
    Nails-->clean n filed
    Lips-->kissable ahem ;)
    last bt nt the least...Clean
    Eyes-->notty that can scan u in no time ;)
    Guyzz wearing a nice perfume...yummmmmmmmmy!
    Clean Shaven guyzz are preferred anyday.
    n heres the list which is a strict no no for guyzz:
    Ornaments(rings,studs to name a few)...are meant for girlzzz ONLY.
    Long hair or a ponytail...a huge put off again!
    Armpit hair!!!if gals can get it waxed on thighs,u can atleast shave it off!
    guess dats all frm me :)

  12. Good Topic...I guess I look at everything .....

  13. Eyes

    Someone with good habits....ya i know u said physical attributes...but ya this is physical only i dont want to hang around with someone digging nose...lol

    Clean shaven

    Smells good

  14. # Mayuri...

    interesting list there..

    @ Aqui...
    Interesting add on there..

    # Tanu...
    thanks :)

    and thanks :) for the list..

    # chips...
    excellent list... i like it :)

    # deepak..
    pad le theek se :P

    # aro..
    shaitaan !!! :)

    # Sharanya...

    # AK..
    haan beta.. samajh raha hoon !!!

  15. hmm...well u hav full freedom to writ what u see in a woman bt what a lady sees in a man....i would agree with just the smile and shoes....but trust me EYES should top the list...atleast it does for me....

  16. @ Isha...
    yes we are different individuals and look at things differently too...

    Eyes... nice ... they usually cannot lie

  17. haha... i know its not for me to comment but a bold & interesting one...

  18. # truedreamzz...
    :) welcome to my page !!!