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IT for sure is A MISTAKE


that's what he shouts only 5 minutes into the movie... and he is so right... for the first and the last time... "Aap ka Suroor" is such a mistake... and I became a part of it by watching it day before yesterday...

All I wanted to do was to test my patience and see if I could manage to sit through the entire movie... and what I did was keep smiling throughout thinking why was I doing that to myself !!!

Here are a few things that I noticed in the movie...

~ Himesh tells his friend Sravan, " Sravan dekh to Germany mein meri naak mat kata dena". Sravan says, " Nai yaar, main aisa kaise kar sakta hoon, teri naak kat gai to tu gayega kaise".
~ No two scenes in the movie seemed to be continuous in nature... though they were connecting the story, but the editing was done pathetically... It seemed like they had made 5-6 hour long movie about Himesh, and then shortened it to about 2.5 hours.
~ Hanshika Motwani has done extremely well with her immitation of Sushmita Sen's voice and style of speaking... If you are not looking at the screen, you would think that its Sush only who is speaking...
~ Himesh has the irritating, almost about to cry, face in the entire movie as if he is suffering from piles... The only time he manages to laugh and that too in the most plastic fashion is when a li'il girl makes fun of his cap...
~ When Himesh meets Ria the first time... the scene has Gayatri Matra playing in the background. I have never seen a mantra being used such pathetically ever.
~ And then Himesh also bothers to sing the Gayatri Mantra in its worst form ever... and he managed to screw up the Rishi Kapoor/Kishor Kumar song too... Main Shayar to nahin...
~ For some reason, Himesh was also seen rubbing his chest in a strange manner in a few instances in the movie... yuck...
~ He does not have a body to wear button less shirts, but still he was trying to flaunt something that was there under his shirt by wearing the buttonless shirts throughout the movie... atleast i did not notice a cleavage or chestcuts for that matter...
~ Oh... there is this classic scene where Himesh is being taken away by the Police in their cars and out of nowhere (in Germany) there are 3 autowallas in uniform who make him run away... the camera also was frozen on these 3 super heroes for their 5 seconds of fame...

Overall this was a ridiculous movie... ONE of its kind.. you really have to watch it to hate it the right way... not watching it and not liking it is something thats not really worth it !!!

The only good thing about the movie was Mallika Sherawat... I have kinda started liking the way she carries herself after Pyaar ke Side Effects... and how natural she can look at time...

Oh... and when the movie finishes, the song Mehbooba Mehbooda appears out of nowhere... for no reason at all... Not sure what the editors were trying to do with the kilometres of reel that they have for the movie...


  1. Hneh hneh hneh!

    That's me laughing after semi-blocking my nose - Himesh style! Oh sorry, forgot! Himesh doesn't laugh!

  2. i have to see this in a local theatre....i guess thats where the fun wud be :D

  3. You actually saw the whole movie?? :O kuchh aur karne ko nahi tha kya? :P

  4. hahahaha
    I ahve the movie but now I am having second thoughts whether to watch it or not.

    BTW...You've Been Tagged. Details are here.

  5. I am going to buy the DVD....this one is a collector's item

  6. Now a question...Why does the German police want Himesh Reshimiya dead or alive

    Is it because they love his body
    Is it because they love his voice
    Is it because they have seen the film..

    Har sahi answer dene wale ko AAP KA SURUR KA DVD MUFT MAIN DIYA JAYEGA

  7. abe jis experiment ka maloom hai ki fail hoga,,,then kyun kiya?? lekin shayad khud thokar khaakar seekhne mein alag mazaa hai