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I asked ,"What is it that keeps you going re? What motivates you?"

She said... Prashant... I feel that I make a difference... on whatever level but I do...
I am in it for the same high !!!

I want to make a difference... and i will...

And I know it, because of some people like Bindiya who are around me... Thank you darling for all you are to me...


  1. i also have something in mine..pliss to read...in my wordsrallihave blog

  2. Oye Murari, tune baandari ko sach mein jhaad par chaadaa diya re =P

    But on a serious note - Thank you for your generous appreciation. ‘Change’ is just an ‘act’ away and within each of us to make. I’m just doing my share to make that ‘small change’ wherever I can and so are you.

    So lets keep rockin' buddy! =)

    Cheers to 'small change',


  3. there is a very old story,,which i remember reading this...u may already know,,,still..three masons work on construction of temple. when asked what r they doing, there were 3 answers-
    1. I m making a wall.
    2. I making this room for temple.
    3. I am making a temple which will stand for times to come and lakhs of pilgrims would be coming here.

  4. @ You...
    :) i shall read it ji for sure..

    # burf..
    thanks bro..

    # baandri..
    jaaneman hai tu re !!! rock on !!!

    and cheers to "The" small change...

    # Ankur...
    Bhai.. thanks for the story.. i happen to the third person...

  5. :)
    u know u r blessed when u hv such ppl around :)
    kudos to bindiya for her high spirits :)