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The Gravity of Love...

How much do you love me?

45 kgs

WHAT!!!! only 45 kgs?

Baby... you do not understand...its not only... its a lot
just that the gravity of my loving you is more then the gravity of the earth...so if you take the normal gravity it shall be only... but if you consider my gravity benchmarks its might be more than you can imagine...


  1. haaa haa haaa
    I truely love this one.
    hee heee 45kgs is not bad. atleast its 2/3rd of my weight. which is not bad yaar
    more than 50% koun karta hai itna pyarr aajkal!!!!
    i love it ;)

  2. hehehehehehe..

    Reema you are again mistaken darling... you are that heavy, looking at how the "g" value on earth is... benchmarking theek karo !!!


  3. how much u love me,,,its the toughest question..my take wud be,,do u need to ask that question? wud u believe me?,,,,u shud know how much i love u,,,if u dont,,then it aint love, or u aint feeling it,,....u cant weigh feelings..

  4. hehehe...
    I see someone who has answered that a lot of times !!!

    Nidhi is keeping you well my friend... God Bless !!!

  5. ankur sir has turned it into a art :D
    well answered :)

  6. @ Deepak :)

    Seekh lo beta, kaam aayega !!!

  7. THE most BAAKWaas Q !!

    how much.. kya?

    it is directly proptional to the money, honney, suuny, funny MOmments spent.. while inversely related to the memory and hormonal imbalance (=emotional) caused due to the fatal unpredictable loss of those monents OR time required to REBOOT the system :) for the next!

  8. I was in deep trouble once for answering this question as "25%". Had to explain for the next two and half days!

    Guptaji: Profound thoughts as usual! Where were you when I needed your "gyan"!!!

  9. Subbu...


    Some SLA that you were talking about i guess :D

  10. nahi re, Benchmarking ka panga nai hai.
    is baat ko base letey huye kahuun toh koi agar mere weight ka 50 % bhi boley "I love you", haa haa haa wahii bahot ho jayega.
    nahi toh pata chala main pyaar mein hee dabbb ke marr gayii.
    Tooo much of love, handle nai hoga yaar :D

  11. Arre nehi... maine to aise hi... parents ke liye pyar, relatives ke liye pyar, doston ke liye pyar, khud ke liye pyar... yeh sab soch ke roughly ek figure - 25% bola tha (woh bhi higher side!)