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A lot of times, I surprise myself by not speaking about whats troubling me... there was a time when I used to look around for support, to share, to depend, look for someone to listen to me when I was in a bad mad mood... but over the last couple of years, I think I have changed a lot in terms of my needs for emotional dependence... I feel its for my good, at the same time this leaves me a lot emotionless when it comes to the rest of the world...

Life is good... more like the journey in a boat... i can sit back and relax.... but thats not what I am... I am not the kinda person who can sit back and relax for a long time...

might be contd....


  1. all part of learning and growing up......mst of the times i end up not telling or discussing whats troubling me either :)

  2. I think its called growing up...finding all your emotional support within yourself

  3. # deepak...
    good good... it sure is a part of growing up...

    # soo...
    yes... I think I have grown up too :)

  4. i'd say its a part of growing up... world has changed many times over. growing up is now equated with growing apart... aloofness is not a bad thing, till it comes in measured doses. i wish you luck. and also hope you dont grow out of yourself

  5. # moonchild...
    hmm... true... hmm... thank you :)

  6. i think we are just used to the same kind of pain

    if some new pain will happen we will again scurry for support

  7. i cud feel that.......... when we spoke last

    its a momentary crave.....which u win over with time and experience......

  8. burf > I don't think so. After a point you get used to not letting anyone in on your pain, no matter what kind it is. Maybe its a self defence strategy we don't want to seem weak or vulnerable in front of other people (sometimes friends too)

  9. Hey....does growing up mean retreating in your shell and accepting the shit that's happening around?

    Grow up and talk! keeping things inside would take the charm out of life....heard that story about a professor holding up a glass of water and asking the weight of the water?

    Well to all those who take pride in bottling it up inside...here is a little story.

    This Psychology professor is teaching a class of grads and he fills a glass with water and asks the class to guess the weight. The class laughs and he asks what would happen if he was to hold the glass in his hand for few seconds. They reply that nothing would. Then he asks what would happen if he was to hold it up for few hours. They reply that his hand would start aching.

    He nods and asks yet another question, "What if I was to hold this glass for few days?" the class is silent and then one replies, "Your hand might get paralysed with acute strain and stress and you would have to be rushed to the hospital." While the class laughs he nods and confirm that it would be the case.
    He asks..."In the meanwhile...did the weight of the glass change?"
    When the class says that it did not he asks, "What should I do to avoid it?"
    The class laughs and one person says, "Just put the glass down!" Professor smiles and goes on to explain..."Life's problems are like this. If we hold it for a little while it would not be anything. If we were to hold it for a longer time...it would start to hurt. And for a still longer time it might paralyse. So we must put our troubles down!"

    Get it????

    So grow up and talk. We are human beings and everyone needs to put the things down. Be it writing about is on a blog, a diary or talking with a close friend.

    Did i say too much???

  10. # burf...
    i do not think so..

    # sayan.. .

    # aqui...
    hmm... there is no crave at all...

    # soo...
    i kinda agree to what you said...

  11. # kanu...
    no you did not say too much... i appreciate what you said here... but the kinda person I am I usually take care of the issues that are bothering me myself without really depending on anyone... now taking care of these issues might require me to talk out the crap as well, which i do at times.. but not always...

    what i meant was that I am never looking for someone who i can depend on or talk to... i never said that i do not take care of things that trouble me... but talking it out is not the solution, resolving the problems is the solution....

  12. hmm...
    i believe its always good to be emotionally self-dependent.
    as for the rest of the world, we cant share our emotions with each and every one. we share it with only a few chosen ones. right?
    and when we do so, its not about us being dependent on them to talk, its more about 'sharing' freely, without being dependent on them .

  13. # mayuri..
    true... right... correct...

  14. Kanu > good story :) But how many pf us are lucky to share this kind of an open relationship with family (or friends?)
    Though I guess it's in you alone, in the openness you may have with your near ones?

  15. soo, om - that cud be an extention of what i said, but im sure abt what i said, the moment a new pain will appear, ppl run for support

  16. Aren't you thinking a lot about boats lately?

  17. you shud have a punching bag back home....that helps a lot!

  18. the only thing constant about life is change