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Am AnGrY & DiSgUsTeD...

I am really angry over a few things I have been watching over the last few days/weeks...

~ All hell broke loose when the Govt. Officials were sealing property in East Delhi... The people were out on the streets, damaging all the public properly they could lay their hands on... Wonderful display of ownership for your own stuff and a pathetic display of ownership for the city/state/country you live in... And most of these guys who I saw on television breaking the cars, dividers etc looked like the young boys who were doing it just for fun... afterall, why would anyone laugh their fucking ass out when they are throwing stones on a Fire Truck!!! Some bunch of Assholes... and to top it all, the local politicians were feeling more then proud when they said that it was not the people from their constituency who did it... they were "bad elements" from outside!!! Ha CRAP!!!

~ We are still struggling to get Bharti Yadav back in India and we are still struggling to prove the guilty, guilty in the Jessica Lal Case, and did I forget the Priyadarshini Matto Case? and till the time all the damn News Channels would continue making money by showing their exclusif coverage or the letters, the tapes, the interviews etc etc etc... And did they forget to run a SMS contest for any of these cases? I guess they did...

~ The best of all cases IS: The INDIAN Parliament is attacked, and the person who is apparently guilty of the act is given a death sentence... phew... some judgments are passed... and then what happens!!! One entire state along with its politicians stand up against the death sentence and request the President for a softer sentence... the people in Kashmir take on the streets, they throw stones at the police, and there is a bandh in the city!!! Why because they want to save someone who wanted to kill a few people in the Parliament... sometimes I really think they the militants should not have been killed, they should have been allowed to enter the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, and kill 100% of the so called Netas.... this is all so disgusting!!!

Ok... for people who did not know why I was not around:
I was fighting a battle with Viral Fever the entire last week, and am back in office today :)

And for everyone...
I am feeling much better after a hectic resting schedule... I get so tired of getting this rest thing!!!

Have a ton to write about today and in the next few days!!! Come back for more if you have managed to read this post!!!


    Yet again. *smirks*


  2. ~ That was sad. The entire system sucks. First they allow such constructions once they're bribed, and then fuck everyone's set-up because now is the time for a 'cleaner' city.

    ~ Oh yea, they did. Although, I think they're gearing up for a bigger SMS voting system for something like a 'Who all will wear a green shirt today'. Assholes. Media ke naam per dhabba banti ja rahi hain.

    ~ I would love to see these mo-fos left naked on streets, chased by dogs. Or, how about some gators in a pool?

    Hope you're going to keep well now. I loved the post.

  3. I think it disgusts all of us just the same way.
    i just wonder where all these 'bad elements' are bred.

    the sms thing is one of the worst things on tv right now. news channels are just making money in the name of creating public opinion. that's all.
    reality shows are just worse.

    it's good to know that you're feeling better.
    take care. :)

  4. great to have you back! missed you

  5. So you have been sick...hmmm. Glad you recovered.

    And angry...talk about it. Pass the word around...people in Kashmir came to the streets...people in delhi out on streets...hmmm...think about the traffic position!!!

    Sorry...should not be sarcastic. The fact....you have the right to voice your opinion...SCREAM...

    In a movie this woman gets a honking approval from the people of city. Let's try innovative idead...let's fis a date and time when all of us would stop our cars on the road and honk for a cause...let's get heard...

    To the blogger community...time to Honk your Horns if you care

  6. hmmm.....not something new for a soft state like us......

    take care of urself.........and welcome back on blogspace :)

    court is not fucking up everyone setup. Court is just doing whats the law. those people who built that setup always knew that they are breaking the law. no wonder today headline had us as the most corrupt nation when it comes to giving bribes

    and i seriously pray that all shops frm residential colonies are out atleast all the big ones....tho i dont think it will happen

    it will take long time for the bloggers community to make any kind of effect on the hard hearing polticians.....

  7. @kanu
    but yeah we need to find a way to get heard....the prob is indians hardly care wat happens out there home....as prashant said....we dont care abt our city, country and society ........

    i read somewhere "middle class in indian deserves what they are getting now" and unfortunately i kind of agree with it.

  8. Good to see you again! Hope you're feeling better.

  9. Welcome back

    but its more like we read the newspaper again :)

  10. @Deeps
    What the hell is wrong with you? The police and local authorities took money and allowed all these guys to have their way. It's only court's interference that all this is happening.

  11. @ D
    Are we really the most corrupt nation?
    I remember until the last such poll we were a respectable second or third. So now we have overtaken everyone else? What joy! What pride!

    Correct me if I am wrong but a couple of days ago on the NDTV website I saw that Manu Sharma's confessional audio tape has been circulated to all and sundry. Isn't that a step closer to justice? Or has that episode fizzled out?

    And I haven't read/found anything yet about people rising in protest against Afzal's punishment. Would appreciate a link on this.

  12. # rohit...


    good words... keep the anger there... it might just help move and push things in the right direction by your generation...

    thanks for welcoming hobbes back :D

    # richa...
    the "bad elements" are all around us... and the system is breeding them... its like water in coolers....

    # neha...
    :) thank you ji...

    # kanu...

    infact I think being sarcastic is one of the easiest things we can do... but at the same time, I see myself in such a helpless state and it can only scream with frustration :(

    Innovation... yes... lets think...

    However, about the bloggers making an impact on the STATE... well... for that someone needs to tell them what internet is...

    # deepak...
    I do not think Rohit said the court was fucking anything !!!

    about the shops and all, yes, there is a lot of mess around, and that can be cleared only with a stick...

    # Soo...

    # Chitra...

    Also tell me which newspaper in India talked about the people of Srinagar coming out on the streets and condemning this act of theirs?
    I would also like to know where have you see someone talking about these issues with Anger... no one is different these days... sab saale waise ke waise..

    # sayan...
    Yes, apparantly we are... I am really so bloddy damn proud of this fact.. we are the numero UNO in something atleast !!!

    That audio tape was with the police for a very long time, however it does not hold any value as the confession was recorded in absence of a Magistrate, which means that while it has helped the TV channels get a story and SMS opinions, its not going to make any major difference anywhere...

    here you go about the Afzal thingie : http://www.htcricket.com/news/181_1807138,000600030010.htm

  13. abbe salle who will tell the world about dono bhaiyo ki nai watches :D


  14. @rohit
    relax.....i misinterpreted your line.........sorry dude :)

    yeah we are in giving bribes atleast....thats wat newsstory claimed......

    Abt manu sharma and afzal prashant has given u the right explanation

  15. Maar do use... RANG DE BASANTI

  16. # burf...

    i will tell the world... fotu kheech kar lekin :)

    # deeps..

    # aseem...
    that is not the solution , I would personally go for !!!

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