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The fLiGhT BaCk HoMe...

Kingfisher Airlines rocks...

They did not have the business class section; the entire aircraft was a nice combo of red and beige... similar to my car's interiors...

And it had some of the best Bodies & LEGs I have seen on board in all my flights...

And did I miss talking about

~ The prompt staff at the airport
~ The in-flight entertainment, I managed to watch Laughter Champions throughout the flight
~ The nice pen I got in the kit they give... oh and a pair of headsets too... decent ones...
~ The smoothest take off and landing I have experienced so far...
Added later...
~ They call their passengers "Guests". I think the word usage helps the attitude...

Keep it going kingfisher... you are the besht that I know of...


  1. Mf :P

    Vijay Mallaya rocks ..kingfisher nahi :P

    n yes its heaven for guys ..i heard lot about it ..but baat toh tab hoti jab kuch pics hoti :D

  2. i had heard abt the kingfisher beauties,,next time will surely try em;-)

    I am waiting for a comment talkback on it happens post by u

  3. # chitra..
    i got to see only kingfisher na... and then you always praise the brand and not the owner...

    how many of us actually know who owns Canon or for that matter, how many times did you say that Bill Gates is great because a feature in MS Office is good...

    it sure is heaven... with all those apsaras :D

    # ankur...
    try the beauties? ahan !!! :D

    haan i will do that bro...

  4. I agree... forget about the beauties; their service is better than any other in India.

  5. # subbu...
    bhai you may forget about the beauties... i am NOT doing that :P

    services.. i would agree to that too...

  6. Didn/t get any bong babes back? :P

  7. # soo..
    na na... they were not bong babes in the flight... all of them looked like from north india...

    but the bong babes... there were too many to choose from and I got totally confused :P

    # burf...
    they give you headphones/earphones to listen to your favorite audio station in the flight !!!

  8. Sahi hai yaar.
    aap karne jaate ho kaam aur ghoom bhi lete ho. saath mein hot chics at your service too.
    very nice!! :)

  9. well its g onna be kingfisher next time :D

  10. It's hard to find a chick with even decent legs though. :| Don't you think? :P
    When will deprived souls like us (students) get to travel in the name of work!! :(

  11. # richa...
    total babes were at my service.... though i needed more then just that glass of juice and the bottle of water... :P

    # deepak...
    it better be...

    # rohit..
    soon brother soon :D

  12. woh aasmaan mein thi.
    ab zameen pe utar aao aap.

  13. couple of my ex girlfriends fly for kingfisher... so they've definately hired some good hotties...

  14. nice :)
    very nice indeed ;)

    rememebr i told u a thing or two about kingfisher flights :P

  15. # richa..
    ji zaroor..

    # arroclint...
    hey bro... how have you been doing?

    they sure have hired all of them :)

    # mayuri...
    yo very nice..

    did you tell me something? what did you tell me?

    # sayan...
    lage hue hain :P

  16. Let me get it...you actually have time to check out hot babes????????

    Kind of gave me an impression that you were hardly bothered!!!

    well...kingfisher it is!

  17. # kanu...
    :) when i was boarding the flight, the only thing i could look at were these beauties...

    and when they were walking around the flight, they were visible again... :D

    and yes... kingfisher it is :)

  18. Next time in india, ...will make sure all domestic travel by kingfisher...kya pata koi koi macchi fans hi jave.

  19. @ abhi..
    bhai wahan to sirf ladke phaste hain jaal mein...

    par tum dekh lo tirai karke apna luck :D