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RaDiO gAgA !!!

Have you ever missed radio? dunno why i have been missing it for quite sometime... listening to those ads on the radio.. the convention RJs who seem really boring these days... it used to be fun at one point of time...

some of the ads that i still remember from yesteryears :)

Zandu Baam... Zandu Baam... peedahaari baam.. sardi.. sardard.. peeda ko pal mein door kare... Zandu baaaaaam.. Zandu baaam :)

Tandrusti ki raksha karta hai lifebuoy.... lifebuoy hai jahan.. tandrusti hai wahan... Laaaaaiffff buoy

Kharish khujli ya ho daad... ringcutter ko rakhna yaad... ringcutter... ringcutter...


  1. i don't misss it coz i listen to it all the time. but i think u're talking about those oldie slow-mo RJs.102.6 pe to abhi bhi hain.hmmm...
    but i always saw these ads on TV.they really were very catchy.in fact,i rem i used to sing these jingles till not so long ago with friends.and zandu being pronounced as jhandu. :)hehe

  2. I use to do this with the ones on TV - apart from the catchy jingles, the competition dint exist, like in the recent years had the back handed message wale adds like "one black coffee please?" The na-na -na -na factor is missing.
    All a a part of evolving I guess !!

  3. these days i just listen tamil fm and tamil jingles in bus....on FM even radio mirchi
    any takers ?

  4. @ bastm :
    i was actually talking about the old ads that used to come on radio... they had a unique identity and a different feel to them... something that made remember them was the intro music of the song " kabhi aana to meri gully" by euphoria.. ekdum shuru se suno to u will know..
    that music used tobe played when Vividh Bharti ka dilli station used to start at 0600 hours a few years back...

    Yeh Vividh bharti ka dilli kendra hai... ab aap vijay sharma se samachaar suniye !!!

    miss those days...

    @ burf :

    @ lightning crashes:
    yup.. evolving... though the oldies would always be missed :)

    @ deeps:
    tu hi sun bhai !!!

  5. ok but i think it was not a few years back,rather many years back.i wasn't even born then!!

  6. Man I miss Times FM which was the private arm playing on 102.6!!! Seriously believe that was the best!

  7. @stranger - r u in kindergarten? ;)


  8. @b
    times fm was arm of toi only....what we know as radio mirchi now....but yeah RJ's were good.....spl when roshan abbas used to host the late nite 10 pm show....dont remeber the show name....

    still no takers for tam fm.....if any1 of u by chance will come down to chennai for job...wat will happen ?

  9. those were the days when new movie songs used to be advertised on radio.guess vividh bharti...thta feel and the eager to know what's going to come next was precious...still i like today's radio also .once a year though.

  10. @ bastm :
    i am sure you were born.. just that you did not know what radio was all about ;)
    did you ride a tricycle by the way?

    @ b:
    you bet man... the jk tyre matchless music hour was one of my favorites... and loads of other shows on Times FM.. ab to its called FM Rainbow.. still has its share of good english songs actually.. something that you do not get on the latest 3 fm stations...

    @ burf :

    @ deeps:
    yupps.. it was taken care of by TOI.. and then they had their station of their own...
    about the tam fm... i am not going to buy it man !!! would not understand when they are talking about an ad and when there is a song.. atleast in Delhi.. i can switch between stations :P

    @ red:
    :) vividh bharti yes... vividh bharti ka dilli prasaran kendra :) the radio was not 24X7 then... used to start at 0600... and the typical music.. also doordarshan was not a 24x7 thingie.. that red logo being made with the typical music was fun to watch :)

  11. @burf:: i am sorry to say this but i feel your humour is sad.or lets just say its out of MY league.so we'll be better off without it!

    @OM:: thank you.
    yes i rode a tricycle!!
    and i do rem the red logo of doordarshan(even if it means i was in kindergarten then)!

  12. Hey can u please do me a favour? Please correct the spellings of my name in the ODM regulars...I spell my name as bhaskAr and not bhaskEr!! Thanx.

  13. Let me add more to these. What about...

    Chalo chalein hum, lekar ani, Tobu cyclein...

    Jab mein chotta bachha tha, badi sharaarat karta tha, meri chori pakdi jaati, jab roshan hota Bajaj...

    Ek titli, anek titliyaan...

    Yeh behara, kaam ke bhoj ka maara, sse chahiyae, Hamdard ka tonic, Cinkara...

    ~ Arun

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