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TiMe, CaRs DifFeReNt ; pLaCe, cLoThEs SaMe !!!

This is a mix of two fotos.. the one with the zen was clicked about an year and half ago.. when me, aro and Narang had gone to attend Jai's wedding in D'doon...

incidently i was wearing the same clothes... and aro had the same t-shirt... we were standing on the exact same location.. in the middle of the Rajaji National Park...

some nostalgic moments these were !!!! missed you narang here :(


  1. btw prashant ji dedh saal ho gaya,aapke clothes ghise nahin.kounse sabun se dhote ho;)vaise nice collage:)

  2. @ miss nupur :) :)

    @ red : clothes to ghis gaye... lekin phir bhi pehen liye... foto jo kheechni thi wahan par... waise sabun main surf use karta hoon.. isi sunday ko 11 kapde dhoye maine apne.. mom was shocked on this rare phenomena :) :) thank you hai ji... i am going to learn fotoshop too :)

  3. good pics..ur blog's very colorful I must say! ...and with most of them involving cars...
    that's why u got a mention in our DBM quiz.

  4. @ Ajay : Thanks a ton Ajay... nice to see you here... DBM Quiz? wat is that? Did you guys have a quiz the last saturday?

  5. yeah, check out TF's blog: http://twilightfairy.rediffblogs.com