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RiDiNg mY fRiEnD's DrEaMz !!!

Riding my friend's dream... literally.... last to last weekend i was in Gurgaon... just to catch up with old friends... yes old... the reference is to their age :)Why am i writing about something that happened a fortnight ago right now... well coz the picture proofs of that meeting came yesterday... hang in there you will know what am i talking about !!!

so i meet aro.. at his apartment... yeah.. thats wat they call in in the firangland.. an apartment... where he treated me to a chilled mug of LASSI :) and i had it in a huge BEER MUG... well why.. just to get the feel of having beer ;) anyway... and after some usual and unusual stupid and not so stupid convos about life, and the extra terrestrial ( that would be him) and shuffling the settings of his deck and the TV, we decided to go to Hughes....

Narang was there in the evening shift.. and it was great to meet him as usual... he listened to the new amp and the tube in my car.. and was happy and satisfied with the output though agreed that it needed some minor tweaking for a better performance...

so the time came.. and i was excited to see what i really was there to see... his new old bike... well new coz he bought it recently.. and old coz its a 1987 model... is he crazy... yes he is.. and the bike is crazier... its a Yamaha RD 350.... hearing it growl when he kick started it was amazing.. and i had no clye what it was capable of until narang asked me to sit at the back seat and hold on to him... i heard that our loved Abhijit Hati freaked out after 5 mintues on that bike and i was advised to be careful..... so i was... and trust me i was holding narang for good... i almost fell when he accelerated the bike... what else do you expect from a raw insane power pack which can go from 0 to 100 kmph in 9 seconds flat....

what followed next was a long short drive... long thanks to the kilometres we covered.. and short thanks to the time it took.... the bike was roared like a lion and get respect automatically on the road... phew what a ride that was....

thinking about the kinda bike enthusiast narang is.. it would not be long that this baby is going to shine and move like a brand new one... enough of words...

time for some fotos now....




and for those who want some tech details.. here is what you might like to read about the bike....
1987 Rajdoot RD350 LT
- 0.5 Bore running Genuine ART pistons.
- Stock Mikuni Carbs with 165 Main Jets.
- Original Jap Points
- Stock Pipes
- Wire Mesh Filter
- Genuine Yamaha Chain Set with 17 teeth Front Sprocket.
- Stock Seat.
- Paint and decals are intact.
- Tops out at 140 ( Speedo ) (* trust me this happens with this bike*)

this would be worth another foto shoot.. in day light and when narang is back in India after his trip from Mexico with the parts and accessories he needs to get this baby burning the road !!!


  1. Old, you mean I am old, tere muh main kide pade

    hey what is my username and password

  2. @ Aro : I have no clue about your username and password... and yes you are old...

    @ maybelle : Hey nice to see you here... thanks... it was fun yea !!!

  3. Hey thanks for coming to my blog. Hopefully you continue to visit!

  4. @ Megan : Yes i will... its a great page !!!

  5. So if i see a bike making awful noise and roaring past on the roads of gurgaon..all i have to do is yell .."Oye Naranggggggg" :)

    I went to Naukuchiyataal and i think i drove past bhimtaal for that. the drive is nice excpet for the patches where the road is non existent!

  6. @ Tipsy topsy hehehhee.. yea.. you sure can do that... there are not many ppl in ggn who drive that kinda bike.. though when you yell Narangggggg he would be already too far away to hear it :)

    and yes.. its not aweful noise.. trust me... its loud but does not sound bad to the ears.... raw power that bike is all about...

    i had one of the best trips to naukuchiyatal and the nearby areas... you might like to read about the trip here : http://rightmore.blogspot.com/2004/09/old-but-true-story.html

  7. Now that Pete has put up a blog for my baby. My turn to fill up the space.....

    This was a dream I had since my Engg days. But there was no way I could afford the gas an spares cost... rather my dad couldn't afford. So I got an RX135 and fell in love with the raw two stroke power. It made me believe.. "Real Bikes don't have cams "
    Now that I'm earning some dough... sure I can afford this insanity..... and boy this was a search that lasted 8 months. Call it a stroke of luck, she was there in pete's neighborhood only. One day just paid the damn money and brought the insanity home.

    The machine is awesome and is certainly not meant for the faint hearted. You feel indestructible when rinding her at 120 kmph ( which is dangerous taken into account that this country is full of morons who cross Highways as if they are on a walk in the MCD park )

    There is nothing that can describe the rush... It’s just mind blowing. The bike revs out to 6 K with a scream and viciousness which is nothing less than lethal. RD LT is more of a fun bike especially in the city because of the low down explosion of the power.... now it will be a good ass kicking bike in the city... and any body can keep the LT in the power band... Two strokes are all about powerbands... you have to keep them singing in the power band or else forget about overtaking even a Scooty! Basically guys if one rides a RD hard it shudders when it enters the powerband at around 5k it then kicks your ass and will shoot from under your legs. Your back neck hairs should stand. That’s the RD 350 for you LOL.

    My Learnings from the RD:
    About the bike:
    1. You need at least 2 months to learn the moods of the bike. Die hard enthusiats say if you want to master the dame you need at least 2 years
    2. RD is a 20-Year-old bike so that means a lot of care as if it’s a 2-year-old baby. She needs to be pampered with the best service and the best parts to make her perform at her best.
    3. There is no cheap RD. As someone’s signature said ‘Cheap bikes are not fast, and fast bikes are not cheap!’
    4. I'm trying to learn as much about the bike and the internals. Most hard core RD guys works on the by themselves. Even if you don’t do that its very important to know the working of the bike in every aspect to appreciate the bike better. It will lead lesser headaches with the mechs as well.
    5. RD is a very versatile bike not only for power. The RD can be setup in very different ways depending on your taste and use.

    Riding the RD:
    1. Give more respect than you give to the other bikes (commuters). The more time you spend on bike you will develop a special relationship with the bike where the bike will respond your inputs and you will know the bikes needs as well.
    2. Give respect to other bikes on the road. (This is an arguable point but well….)
    3. Part of taking care of her…give her proper warm up and then whack the throttle….she is a two stroke after all…put in the best petrol (she needs a lot of it) and oil…..
    4. She has got alarming acceleration…..it not only surprises you but the other’s judgement on the road. E.g. A person crossing the road may not expect you to be upon him so fast…so take into account this fact……
    People get scared when she screams and the lesser mortals make way for her. But if scared they might just stand in your way dumbfounded.

    RD is addictive and I'm hooked....

    I've started the engine restoration and cosmetics would follow in the end so don't expect a bleamer very soon. She'll look like shit but still scare the hell out.

  8. @ satan :Bro I have read that post at least 5 times and i still want to read it again... This is what Passion is all about... Waiting for this baby to burn the road once you are back from ur trip !!!

  9. I have always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, ever since I was little and got to ride with my dad on the Harley...

    My dad got a different motorcycle, and upon learning of my interest, bought me one...though I'd hardly call it a motorcycle. It's hideous! I'm thining it will be fun to ride though, once I have time!!!

    Glad you had fun..and as your friends said, be careful...but take SOME chances too!! :D