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Oogle List

1. TATA Xenon
2. Apple Ipad 2
3. A 60 Inch TV
4. Yamaha or Onkyo Amp, Speakers and Woofer (Sounds like home theatre in a box, but is totally different)
5. A couple of Canon L Series Prime Lenses


  1. Tata Xenon..hum..naah..nothing beats Tata Safari :D

  2. Arre dada, see it on the road and you would know what I am talking about... this one moves on the road like a untamed beast!

    Tata Safari remains a favorite, however in front of the Xenon that starts looking like a family SUV :)

  3. Just checked. Tata Xenon is indeed a beautiful machine!!
    But is it same range as Safari?

    Btw. got our Safari last week. And its a pleasure decking it up with accessories. Smooth on potholes, feel like King!