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चायबाज़ आरोही (Chaibaaz Aarohi)

This is the first of Chaibaaz ChaiTalk Series that I plan to do on Chai ki Dukaan! The idea is to find a T-lover and ask some questions about Tea and more!

Aarohi Singh, a self taught artist, is based out of Bangalore, India and paints in Oil, Acrylics, Watercolor, Pastels and works on Paper, Canvas, Metal, Cardboard, Wood, Fabric. A visit to her website is going to make you stick to it for a few hours atleast!

- Why Tea?
I think it's as much as for the taste as well as for the memories associated with it.

- What if you had to make a flavor of tea, what would you have in it, other than Tea leaves?
I love masala chai. So I use a flavored tea and add freshly crushed peper corns. I also love chai with fresh Pudina or Tulsi leaves or ginger. And very little sugar and milk.

- What would you do if you were given two days in a tea estate?
Find out everything about tea...actually I did. As a child I saw tea leaves being rolled etc. But, I don't remember much. Need to go back as an adult :-)

- Tea in a cup? or Tea in a steel glass? or Tea in a kulhad (earthen cups) or tea in a paper cup? or tea in a glass? and why?
It's in a big fat ceramic mug. Chota mugs are just that- too small.

- What is your earliest memory of Tea?
Seeing my parents and grand parents have bed tea in my grandparents bedroom. Full on service of separate chai in a silver tea set!!

- Do you remember when you had tea for the first time? Is it related to why you like tea so much?
I am asthmatic. Tea contains theophylin. And my mum who is a doctor, gave me a hot soothing cup of chai to help my breathing.I always associate it with comfort.

- What would you tell someone who does not drink tea, about what they are missing?
Ek cup chai say dil khush ho jaata ha...

- Your favorite T-shop? and why?
I am a little biased to the tea I make myself at home.

- Your favorite brand of tea and why?
Red Label- Natural Care. It has the basics and then I add on flavours to it.

- Your favorite website related to Tea and why?
I like your blog and Archana Srinivas's blog- A cup of chai. I feel comforted looking at the images of chai.

- If Tea was a person, what would that mean to you? What would that person be like?
Comforting, multi faceted but with an underlying flavour of richness. But never too strong in their influence.

- Your favorite T-picture please...

This reminds me of Tea, and painting both together! Was taken after a successful day of painting...

- Your favorite T-quote-
Come lets catch up over a cup of chai.

Please do visit Aarohi Singh's website : Art By Aarohi. I was bowled over by the amazing kettles that she has painted!


  1. Hello,
    I would say,I too have some memories with Tea and i think I have an addiction for it.Is there a place where I can pour my thoughts on Tea as well..just like others.
    My Favourite T quote would be..Kahin Bhi,kabhi bhi..aur kisi ke saath bhi..Bas 1 cup Chaai!!

  2. Hey! nice to see you here...

    Why don't you take these questions, think of the answers, and send me on an email!