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चायबाज़ संगीता (Chaibaaz Sangeeta)

This is second in the ChaiTalk Serieson Chai ki Dukaan!


Sangeeta Monga runs an Institute for Personality Development and Grooming in Delhi and caters to a large group of audience. Their testimonials on the institute website clearly substantiate the amount of value that Sangeeta's effort brings to their lives. Please read through the rest of the post to enjoy some tea-time talks with Chaibaaz Sangeeta!

Why Tea?
Tea is the best energy booster, tonic, antioxidant and time pass for me..you name it, it has it

- What if you had to make a flavor of tea, what would you have in it, other than Tea leaves?
I am particularly fond of, other than its green tea flavor and if I have a choice, in that order, saunf/ choti ilaichi/ moti ilaichi/ tulsi/ cinnamon

- What would you do if you were given two days in a tea estate?
I would learn the tea picking to tea leaf sorting to tea making..everything it has to offer..infact I would live in tea garden Lol!

- Tea in a cup? or Tea in a steel glass? or Tea in a kulhad (earthen cups) or tea in a paper cup? or tea in a glass? and why?
In order of preference…
Tea in a kulhar: especially for its earthen flavour
Tea in fine bone china cup : the exquisiteness of flavor and tea sipping is highly enhanced
Tea in stainless glass: I don’t mind this contrast as well because it retains tea flavor and the heat
Tea in paper cup/ disposable plastic is an insult ..an absolute no no!!!!

- What is your earliest memory of Tea?
I desperately wanted to have some and the request was conceded by adding some more milk to tea..I hated this concoction and felt it was injustice for a milk-hater.

Do you remember when you had tea for the first time? Is it related to why you like tea so much?
I cannot recall that, but tea was forbidden to us as children and I guess that is why I have taken to it with vengeance :)

- What would you tell someone who does not drink tea, about what they are missing?
I invariably come out with “ how boring! What do you do the whole day? No time pass???? “ :P

- Your favorite T-shop? and why?
It was long back in my univ days a place called “ Dhaba”…it was actually a dhaba and gave us special ilaichi chai in those workshop glasses..total nostalgia!!!

- Your favorite brand of tea and why?
It is Yellow label and twinings classic (instant tea dip) these days..but I have a collection of green tea at any given period of time. I have a penchant for green tea leaves…so any brand that gives me a strong tea flavor is well taken to!!!

and I was not talking green herbal..that is the latest fad :)

- If Tea was a person, what would that mean to you? What would that person be like?
That person would be my companion.. no tags but a die hard loyalist :) inseparable, cherished and cared for….

- Your favorite T-picture please...

- Your favorite T-quote
Tea is a cup of life.

Please do visit her website by clicking here.

Thank you Sangeeta for your time and responses to the questions about your Chaibaazi!

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  1. Savyy jee( aka Sangeeta) I absolutely love it!!