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Once Upon a Time in NOIDA

Last minute plans for a late evening Sunday movie helped us watch "Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai" My choice of a cinema hall in NOIDA is going to very obvious now. Its going to be Big Cinemas in TGIP... reason? I bought an year of parking for Rs. 1000... This gives me unlimited parking at the Mall for an year, and some discounts on a lot of stores! most exciting being Rajdhani and Subway! a few more, but Pooja is more interested in them than me!

Let's get back to the title of the post now! Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai! The movie starts with a failed suicide attempt, and runs mostly in the flashback! Sultan Mirza's story and how he is dethroned by both the thought process of a new generation and a man which belongs to it, all of this when he invested his trusted in him! I like the parts of the movie when Ajay Devgan is on the screen, and I almost hated the parts when Imran Hashmi was doing his so called acting! Absolute nonsense! I find it tough to identify Kangna Ranaut on the screen! ALWAYS! she looks different all the time! makes her likeable in my opinion though!

Overall, I think the movie was ok, but slower than what I would like such a movie to be! The dialogues are good, the attention to detail in the backdrops are good too, and the entire look of the movie is carefully thought after! The soundtrack is nice, however there is not much to be heard during the movie except a couple of songs! If you ask me, I would say go watch it if you like watching Ajay Devgan's onscreen presence, and do not mind getting bored for about 30% of the entire duration!


  1. thanks, I will not watch it now :)

  2. I liked the part where Ajay Devgan was there! I really like him and respect him as an actor!

    rest of the cast! umm! well!!!

  3. good to see The Name on ur blog. and I have heard the reviews of the movie and want to watch it... will plan it over next weekend