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More proof needed?

Cyclones in USA

Cloudbursts in Ladakh

I might not have statistics, however it definitely feels that natural calamities have increased many fold in the last decade!

Most of these have scientific reasons behind them, however they are a RCA (Root Cause Analysis), and I personally feel that some, if not all, could have been prevented if some steps were taken to avoid them!

While there are many things which are a part of the natural cycle of evolution, there is a larger contribution of us as humans which is accelerating the pace of deterioration! I feel responsible for a part of it, however also feel helpless at the fact that there is little that I can do about it!

There is a need to apply some brakes somewhere! soon!


  1. yeah - agree to that we have to apply the breaks some time, but how? :|

  2. I guess at individual levels Anoop!

    that seems to be the only option!