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Common "man's" Wealth "politicians playing" Games

I do not understand why this hue and cry over

1. Chairs being rented for Rs.8000 per month
2. Turf's being laid at 5 times the regular cost
3. Treadmills being leased for exorbitant prices
4. and probably 100s of other small and big scams that are in progress while Delhi and the country is preparing for Commonwealth Games!

Almost everyone in this country tries to get benefit from the situation when they can! and I say almost everyone, because I know some who do not! And when these guys in their positions try to make the most out of where they are, we cry foul!

While I feel sad about such bastards looting the country's money, I am really worried about what happens when the CWG start!

I sincerely hope that the entire setup does not collapse like a pack of cards! while somewhere in my heart, I am very scared it will!


  1. Politicians r creating wealth on name of commonwealth, while common men jama punji (Wealth) is on stake!

  2. Perfect example of "Make Hay While the Sun Shines"

  3. totally agreed, even I'm scared. At the same time there is so much frustration among common men about this scam. they are pocketing our hard earned money. i want to kill these bastards now :)

  4. Let nature take its toll! :) they would be dead soon anyway! but that does not solve the problem! does it?

    I just want the CWG to happen, and happen well! bas!

    These bastards! they would not change!