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Language is like SEX...

Greenwich... or gren-ich....

This discussion still has been going on... Arobindo wants to sue his school because he was never told that its Gren-ich.... and because of the fact that he would have to face issues when he travels the UK....

I think language is like SEX... people speak/do it the way they like it...

There are no set rules... there are some basic guidelines, called grammar, etc etc are there... but as an individual you decide what you like the best...

so enjoy ... the language too :)



  1. quite a analogy.....but this stands true for any other thing too.......even food for that matter :)

  2. you bet deepu !!! it does !!!

    i was irritated by the language bit.. and was thinking about sex !!!!

    hence this post :)

  3. no..no comments on this post...but one nonetheless on the new name of your blog. I love it "chai ki dukaan". :-)
    I must also compliment you on your photography - I think it is just awesome, absolutely mindblowing!!!

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  5. what a thought!
    no wonder people feel the urge to learn more about sex, and to learn it all
    -- like they'd have learned some language :)

    and yes,
    i really liked the chai-wala color on the walls of ur dukaan.
    and ur new 'about-me' is ...err... an absoluter!! :)

  6. Lol..irritated abt language and thinking abt sex..thats quite a wide thinking

  7. # Amandeep :)

    # Thatwasit...
    :) ji...

    and thanks and thanks :)

    # mayuri...
    hmm.. thanks :)

    # sharanya...
    ji :P

  8. nice change of blog.. looks better and brighter..as far the post goes
    "Is there a rule in anything at all "? :)

  9. thanks Tanu :)

    you are right... no rules ;)