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Another Just Like Thats...

One day can have so much !!!

Wish I could sometime count and keep the of thoughts, the expressions, the feelings that i go through in one day !!!

there is so much that at times I want to hold on to... with just two hands !!!


  1. that why blog is made om...save it as drafts and end of day make it public :))

    Smartass S :P

  2. I kinda don't agree to that for some reason...

    There are parts days thoughts feelings that you want to cherish yourself selfishly...

  3. hmm...you are not as unromantic as you portray yourself to be you know...

    Anybody with such intense thoughts as yours, anybody who is an artist as talented as you are..can't be unromantic..

    I wonder why do you throw an anti-romance attitude..Some major heratbreak is it?

  4. # Sam..
    oh.. i am a die hard romantic :) just that I decide who gets on the receiving end for the romantic and the non-romantic side :)

    hope you have seen me-myself & Irene :)

    oh.. and about the understanding bit :) thats totally tough... even i have not been able to understand myself... forget about your wishes :P

  5. Omi .... ye kya ho ra hai...bangalore lucky charm hai kya :P

    ha if u want to keep it to urself keep :)

  6. Ah I agree with you totally... there are moments that you like to keep with yourself... So there is something called 'password protected' posts or a blog that is not public... I suggest you make one for yourself and cherish it forever :P

  7. # Reeta...
    actually you are right.. anony blogs.. par this is my blog... while i am sure everyone would have something or the other to say about what i write... i should still write what i feel like here... and restrict when i feel the need...

    password protected posts :) interesting...

  8. That's why I always, ALWAYS, carry a notebook and pen. Who knows when what strikes? You have your camera to record things though. Great pictures Prashant, really like your blog :)

  9. abey tera comments section, comments cum lagta hai, chat room jyada