Random images from my flickr stream...



Kya Khoob Khajuraho...

helped me understand what i really want to click...

helped me be myself even in situations which were kinda tough...

helped me learn about my camera, yes a brand new Canon 400D...

helped me make friends...

helped me understand...


now for some details...

Transport :
  • Delhi - Jhansi : Dakshin Express (Starts from Nizammudin Station @ 2250 hrs; Reaches Jhansi @ 0515 hrs; 830 bucks)
  • Jhansi - Khajuraho : Local Bus (Approx time of travel : 6.5 hours with multiple pit stops, major one at Mauranipur; 95 bucks)
  • Khajuraho - Panna and back : Gypsy (1500 bucks all inclusive cab rent, entry to the jungle, guide cost etc.)
  • Khajuraho - Orchha: Cab (Mahindra Bolero; 3.5 hours; 2000 bucks for the cab)
  • Orchha - Jhansi : Auto ( 30 minutes drive 150 bucks)
  • Jhansi - Delhi : Shatabdi (Starts from Jhansi @ 1800 hrs; Reaches Delhi @ 2315 hrs; 740 bucks)

Stay :
  • Khajuraho : Hotel Surya ( Two rooms; 5 people; 1800 per night for the two rooms)
  • Orchha : Hotel Ganpati ( Two rooms; 5 people; 1400 per night for the two rooms)

Food :
  • Raja's Swiss Cafe, Near the western group of temples
  • The Mediterrineo, in front of Hotel Surya
  • The restaurant at the cross road, near the Ram Raja Temple - Highly Recommended
  • The tikki shop at the same cross road - Highly Recommended

Not to be missed:
  • The light and sound show(1830 hrs in English; and 1930 hrs in Hindi)
  • Safari in Panna
  • Food at the above mentioned restaurants
(On a reminder from Priyanka)
  • The Bread Pakodas, Chai and Poha from the stalls in the market, in front of the Western Group of Temples' Gate...

  • The sunset at the banks of the Betwa River
  • Running in front of the bus on the bridge on the river :). Mind you, this is a single lane bridge with no railings :)
  • The Chaturbhuj Temple
  • Tikkis @ the location mentioned above, this is near the SBI, Orchha

And the pictures from the trip can be checked out here.

Have you been to The compliment club?


  1. I wish i go thr sometime!! =)..
    u mst hav clicked da pics,
    le me c,

    P.S. last time wen i checked out ur work- it was the pics!!...
    n i mst say gr8 wurrk!!..
    Kip Rockin :-)!!

  2. the prospective books should be
    1. A travelogue
    2. All the fundu theories.


    waiting waiting..... ;)

  3. As a kid i used to live at these places u mentioned. papa was posted at mauranipur and we used to go often to the orccha dam.

  4. @ megha...
    its pretty easy if you are in Delhi... a weekend is a good time to go to Orcha....

    i am in the process of deciding what pics to upload... will soon post the link here too...

    thanks :)

    # hiya...
    ji zaroor :) thanks...

    # abhi...
    i was expecting this :) Banda is not too far away and i remember some association with the town and Jhansi...

  5. I am so happy to see that the bus-runner stunt is very well etched in our minds and hence I am not regretting that it wasn’t captured in camera!

    BTW, two more things that are not to be missed in Khajuraho’s food is the Tea shop in front of Western group temples…the bread pakoras, tea and chatni are AWESOME! So is the poha one can get from a nearby stall.

  6. nice writeup...but not ur usual kind...........though everything taken care of :)

  7. # priyanka...

    that running part is something that has been written on rock baby :D

    and the two inputs have been added :)

    # deepak..
    yo... wanted to write more, but was kinda short of words so thought why not put down the factual data here... will write more later...

  8. this is one of the most helpful travel posts but highly inaccessible - very disappointing