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Metal has always been very attractive to the human kind... the shine the luster, the use the attraction is very hard to ignore... and over the years we have moved on to be more specific about the metals that we like... Gold, Silver, and Platinum are the most sought after these days... with Gold being the conventional winner...

Starting from a time when gold and silver used to be purchased in the form of jewelery and was used more as an accessory, however these days, it has graduated from being just a piece of jewelery to an investment. One company that has been facilitating purchase of gold in America has been the Monex Deposit company. You can purchase either coins or ingots from the company and either arrange for a personal delivery, or a safe and convenience storage at an independent bank or repository. For over 30 years now, Monex has been leading the gold and precious metal investments, and that too at very convenient market and competitive precious metal prices.

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