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Thinking has not stopped in the last few days either... so there is so much that I have thought that it’s virtually impossible to write everything down... only if there was a gadget that I could connect to my brain and it could put everything on a text file in a CD or something!!!!

Anyway... there was a welcome break to this thinking stuff with a drive to Agra last Friday...


Agra has always been once of my favorite places for a lot of reasons... to name a few The TAJ MAHAL (I love that place)... Agra Fort, RadhaSwami Temple in Dayalbagh, Fatehpur Sikri etc etc... Add Sikandra to the list post this trip :)

The TAJ... love it...

The Taj Again... Love it Again :)

The 6 trips before this weekend saw me visiting the Taj and then any two of the rest of the list... and end the trip with some Lassi in Vrindavan... this time... Vrindavan did not happen, however the new things were the Lunch at Reliance A1 Plaza outside Mathura on the road towards Delhi and the visit to Sikandra....

Sikandra Fort...

The Rear View Mirror :) these shots started from my first drive... and have been around in every drive since then :)

Do I even need to say that I love my car more after every drive... she rocks at 110 kmph... there might be issues with the initial pickup with the way I drive coz I am not too hard on the accelerator, but once its over 2500 rpm, it can beat the shit out of most of the cars on the road today :) love you baby!!!

Infact another couple of days, Radha would be celebrating her second birthday as well... 22nd September to be precise :)

Some other stuff worth writing about:

~ Meeting Abhishek on Sunday... it was after quite sometime that we talked... and the first time after school that I could find out what was he doing all these years and how did he end up in London... it was wonderful conversation... and was also followed by the usual conversations which you can have with anyone who has lived in a country other then India for a while... he was not too critical of the situation here, however there was an obvious dissatisfaction in his voice about how things are here in India...

I personally feel that in India, we try to copy only the end result of most of the things that happen in the firangland without really bothering to know the end to end process... and that means that we end up messing a lot of things up !!!

~ Talked to Rohit about something he does not like to talk about... Generation Gap... I think when I was in college, the means of communication were so limited that most of the information usually got transferred only through the word of mouth as compared to things like cell phones, blogs, internet, emails etc etc today... and that has really helped everyone in ensuring that they learn whatever they want to and communicate whenever they can... resulting in a lot of kids knowing a lot more then what I used to know when I was there age, resulting in awareness about a lot of career options and the accessibility to much more information then I ever had....

~ And then, I also had to explain myself to a dear friend of mine... why I do what I do... and why was I not coming up to her expectations of communication... thats another story, but that left me kinda irritated with myself... I know I am not doing anything bad, but just that its not good enough either... so the question explanation session... phew!!! I hate being in such a position...

Oh... and I have 4 different varieties of Petha with me at home... Angoori Petha, Angoori Kesar Petha, Giri Petha, and the sada Petha... with some DalMoth as well from Agra... NO NO... No one is invited... I am just trying to make you jealous: D


  1. yeh kya? pethe ke baare mein likh ke, formality ke liye bhi nahi offer kiya?
    kaunsa koi abhi ke abhi uth ke aapke ghar pahunch jata?

    kitne cheap ho gaye ho aap, Prashant.

    waise is write-up mein trip ki utni details nahi hain jitni usually hoti hain. even then...short and sweet! badhiya hai...

    aur kitna sochoge? you're trying to compete with me? chhod do...

  2. aur mere ko bhi taj mahal dekhna hai. :((
    i went there when i was really small. kuch yaad bhi nahi. :(

  3. KITNE cheap ho gaye ho aaap prashant,,, ;-) he he he he he

  4. are jab nahi khilana tha petha toh bataya kyun :O

    bad huh :P

    n yes this TAJ remind me my trip to agra ..that was cool too n ur frst pic ..:D its mast :)

    enjoy n keep ur clicking on :)

  5. :) read the post.. will comment later..

  6. Yeh dalmoth to patah hai, petha kya hai peta bhaiya? Meetha hai ya namkeen?

    IBM internal courier use karke taste kara do please - for the benefit of my knowledge.

  7. chalo finally theres some place from your big list of places, that i have also visited.

    i guess everyone who has seen tajmahal(even if in pics or on tv) has fallen in love with it....even i loooooove the monument of love....its just beautiful!

    no u dont need to say how much you love radha but then you just cant stop expressing your love for her...hehe

    aur bahut bateein banayi aapne....with different people and on different topics. thats what you call variety in life...hehe!

    achha woh 2nd budday ki treat pooch rahe the na aap...ummmmm, bas petha khila dena agra ka jo laye ho aap:-p

  8. Advance happy birthday to Radha.
    I hope you are not throwing a huge birthday party in my absence. :)

    The Taj is special even to me. And not just because I have been a student of medieval history. It's special because no matter how much you've read about it, or how often you've seen it on TV, nothing prepares you for the awe it invokes the first time you are face to face with it. It's so beautiful.

  9. the taj... love it :)
    bas itni si pics li hain? baaki kahan hain?
    u so rightly observed about us messing up things in india just by imtating the west. its sad.

    and... radha rocks :)

    and... dont stop thinking... ever... but at the same time, dont think too much! take care :)

  10. dont get irritated of urself :)...u can easily make anyone's day great...done dat for me so many times....believe me...
    i know my comment is so unexpected...but i cud not just read wat u wrote and not comment on it...
    wud call u soon...have news..



    Err, we should discuss the other stuff in more detail :P

    I've never seen the Taj :(

    The day I can afford these weekend trips, I'll make you my organiser. Or pester you to come along if you'd not be too busy with your kids...Hehehe

  12. # richa...
    nai nai... petha offer nai kiya jeyga :) cheap or free whatever...

    i have always thought a lot... not sure why its coming as a news to you :)

    # ankur

    # chitra...
    did you not read the last line or what? to make people jealous... :P



    # kishley..
    ok baby:)

    abe teri to !!! petha nai pata tereko :x

    # shweta...
    good good :)

    i have always been in love with the Taj... and it increases everytime i go there...

    About Radha... she is the besht ji :)

    Variety yes :)

    petha khila doon? :o :( na na na na :P

    # sayan...
    na... me no throw any party...

    i love the TAJ...

    # mayuri...
    aa rahi hai baaki ki pics dheere dheere...

    radhe sure rocks :)

    i am thinking just the usual re...

    # anony...
    your comment made my dat too sweetheart... i am so happy that you come to this page and wrote... love you for this... really love you for this...


    # rohit....
    yes... we will discuss the other stuff in detail too...

    i would love to be the organiser buddy.. infact someday i might just leave my job and start working as a full time travel planner...

  13. it's not coming as news to me.i know you at least this much.
    what i said was basically implying to ask you to relax a little.that's all.

    and your friend ankur has a weird sense of humour.

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  15. nice pics.....like the second one...where are others ?

    good description too.....long time since i have been to agra too.....dekho kab chakker lagta hai.....

  16. my comment.. a long one :D

    thinking never stops buddy.. ye dimaag sote hue bhi sochta hai.. so no issues :) lage raho.. vaise this idea of copying thoughts from mind into CD is a nice one but difficult to implement.. There r millions of neurons in out brain and each cell works in such a huge synchronization that u cant possibly read them.. the mind reading equipments that are available just measure which part of brain is active in certain situations, even highly complex computer systems fail in front of our brain.. to read thoughts of our brain an equally efficient parallel computer will be needed which as yet has been found to be not implementable.. :)
    agar tu bore nahi hua ho aur kuchh jaan-na ho to mail me :D

    And yeah taj mahal is beautiful :), i've never been there but um sure will go there some time in my life :)
    ye first pic badi achhi hai.. cute si :D

    and your side-mirror snap is good too.. and i fully realize now that your radha has an obsessed lover (words by rohit)..

    And regarding ur talk with abhishek... i too am a bit dissapointed by the way people work here in india.. People have that "just dont care" attitude right up there sleeves.. and that is why nothing gets implemented the right way..

    and yes you are right about the generation gap thingie.. when i see a generation just a few years younger to me, i feel so surprised to see they are so much more aware of everything and so much more active in everything they do..

    And no comments on your communicatn issue..

    Lastly, i absolutely HATE petha.. itna meetha hota hai re.. only one bite is enuff at a time..

  17. Whatever gets me some samples dude!

  18. Bhai se fees to nahi loge na!!!

  19. # richa...
    to theek hai :)

    # deepak...
    will post the others soon...

    jaldi jao agra... achchi jaga hai !!

    # dolly...
    :) i now know more about the computer systems and brain for sure :)

    taj is awesome...


    hmm... true...

    generation gap yes :( things are very different right now..

    # subbu...
    yahan aaja.. kha le...

    # rohit..
    na... nai lunga...