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ObSeRvATiOnsss.... bLiNk bLiNk...

Some of the car manufactures have done something that I am not really in sync with...

They have placed the side indicators on the front towards the face grills instead of the extreme right or left... now this thought would actually leave a few people wondering as to how it affects me or anyone else!!!

Here is why... visualize and see if you can make any sense out of it...

When you drive on the highways in the night or in rain or foggy conditions you usually switch the indicators on... and the purpose is two fold
1) The vehicles come from the front and following you can notice your vehicle.
2) The vehicles coming from the opposite direction can identify the extreme right and left of your vehicle...

Now with the indicators moving towards the centre, it is going to be hard for someone coming from the opposite side to calculate the width of your car and might lead to... well you know what!!!

Also on a lot highways, the indicators are used to highlight the space you are taking up on the road to the vehicles coming from the opposite side... it is easier to see something blinking when you have the blinding headlights on all around... I am not sure if the new indicators are going to help!!!

Oh... and I pity those people who first buy expensive cars... which have the rear defoggers... and then put up thick plastic tinted film on them.... total screw up of the rear glass and a total waste of the defogger... i use my defogger during rains, fog etc... And trust me its one of the best things that can happen to your car and your visibility...

Tell people you know to know their vehicles and use the features for their benefit, they have a better purpose then increase the ex-showroom price of a vehicle....

Oh... and a guy who was making a world record for honking the horn overtook me near the Maharani Bagh-stretch... I think he must have broken all the records by now...


  1. blink blink... good observation. i hope other drivers take some note.

    hum to passenger seat mein hi rehte hain.

  2. oh well... let the stupid ones suffer for those bad choices made by them. otherwise get their cars modified

    but then good u wrote abt it. might prevent some ppl from making the same mistake!

  3. i still am suffering rom abusing those who dont know the diff btwn the high and low beam usage

  4. Buggers, man! God bless them with some sanity.

  5. hmmm.. good observation.. send ur opinion to them.. that wd be much better..

  6. well......delhites hardly care whether its gonna be in centre of ends.....they dont know how to use it....simple :)

  7. oye nothing to do with ur blink blink post par maine poochna tha ki don u recommend soemthing in nikon..i had a nikon and really liked it ..but was thinkin of buying a higher end model than the one i had not the same...if any model of nikon is comparable to the ones u suggested ,tell me pls..ciao

  8. which cars are coming with those centrally located headlights.... i got to know the meaning of low and high beam thru your blog only
    Btw did i tell you that your blog is becoming more and more inforamative day by day....from travel to cars now...... to the extend that i can brag abt the info gained in mah off too as if i have visited those place and as if i love researching on four wheelers..... thanks

  9. # bastm...

    not only the drivers... the companies should also take some note of this re !!!

    # bacause of b...

    lets hope so :)

    # burf...
    me too :)

    # rohit..
    i hope...

    # deeps...
    not only about delhites... there are more people i am talking about.. most of the people in India i would say do not really know their vehicles the way they should...

    # neha...
    i do not like nikon a lot... but there are a few models in nikon which are good enough.. will tell you about them for sure...

    we can also discuss this over email re !!!

    # aqui..
    the new Honda Cars have the indicators on the inside of the headlights... i hope u use your headlights wisely...

    thanks honey for the words... mmmuah :)

  10. oh and i was planning to buy one.....good that u told me.... yeah thanks to u now i m using the headlights properly and promoting others too...

  11. # aqui...
    you planning to buy a City... nice... its a wonderful car.. and the indicator position should not really stop you from buying it if you have 6.5 lacs to spend really !!!

    for the City, The City is a pleasure to drive !!!

  12. its not just 6.5 is it????? though i m still confused btw a long elegant car or an SUV scorpio kinds which makes u look elevated

  13. # aqui..
    when i buy a car, I would decide keeping in mind what i need out of it..

    now i am not one of the elegant car owner kinds... so that is out of question already...

    SUVs, I would buy coz i would feel elevated and not because it will make me look elevated to the world? Are you buying a car for yourself or to show the world?

  14. when someone honks me a lot,,and i dont have the space to go,,,i just slow down even more....:-D,,, Sometimes i slow down and then swerve so as not to give side... But i just try and ignore them like the dogs on roads...just let them go away from u and let u drive i peace and fun...

  15. You wanna get kicked? Or update this blog?

  16. Now i'm also thinking of joing rohit's new club to kick-you :P update kar yaar!!

  17. hmm i dont know much abt technology, but i sure do hope that you caught the international electronics fair in berlin... i feel thats something u wud like:)

  18. dont know when u wrote about high beam low beam, but I am definately suffering from this problem right now these days. And all I do is as soon as i see any vehicle approaching from the front with its high beam on i turn my high beam on as well just to let that person know how it feels. I am sure not many take nottice of it though.

  19. One more request to all the literate people who come to this blog and get educated, please do not give up. keep ur vehicle (means not just vehicle) on the right track.
    all I know is if every one keeps him/herself disciplined, india or may be atleast NCR can be a better place.