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RiGhTnEss = f (aTTrAcTiOn)

She: Do you think there is one right person for everybody?

He: I don't know... but what I know is often we confuse attraction for rightness!!!

When I was looking at this scene from "The Runaway Bride" I was incidentally thinking of something on similar lines... is staying together for life of someone being the right person for you a function of your initial liking or attraction?

I would partially agree to this, coz the first impression is something that might or might not change with time... but then you get to know so much about the person with time that you might want to revisit your thoughts about staying with them.... I am not saying that one should first give away false dreams and hopes and then take them away...

But I think one should be careful enough to not lead to a bitter situation when you think the other person is worth being with...

Be careful when you deal with people who you care for... do not do things that might hurt them!!!

______a d d e d l a t e r______

oh... and incidently, exactly two years ago, I had written my first post on this page :) i am happy...

Happy Birthday

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  1. aaj to kisi ki maths 2+2 se bahut uppar rise kar gayi.

    i am so proud of you!!

    i agree with your last line.

  2. Hahahhaa... Oldies think all sorts of weird stuff :P

    Staying with someone eventually...such an uninspiring thought!

    Happy Birthday rightmore! Just how many templates have been changed since?

  3. Added later ke liye...


  4. # rohit...
    :) yes oldies think weird stuff :)

    this is the second template in two years :)

  5. happy birthday!
    btw i think there is only one right person for each of us...and you r lucky when u find that person!

  6. # richa...
    thanks :)

    # soo...
    thanks :)

    good if you think that way... i think there is nothing called right or a wrong person.. there are mismatches yes...but then if you are keen then you can carry on with happiness too...

    and let me rephrase what you wrote here... and you r lucky if you can find that person!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY rightmore :)

    arey yar.....aj kal tu kuch jyada hi soch raha hai.........dimag ko shant rakh.........

    dude u r beyond all this .......with time everyone thinks abt weird stuff.....ur time will come and thne we will talk

    all ur fault...u have spoiled him :D

  8. # deepak...

    :) dimaag to shaant hai... soch raha hoon likh raha hoon...

    sayan has not commented here !!!

  9. @Deepak

    BM hasn't spoiled me!!
    And what do you think, I don't know all this? It's just that I think there's no point in the same. Agar aap logon ko sooli chadna hai, to chadna hi hai! :D

  10. BM wala statement general tha...not in context of this post :)
    aur mera matlab tha itna mat soch :)

    agar ham logon ko sooli chadna hai to hami logon ko sochna hai na........tu thode sochega :D

  11. OM > you're ryt...in that case u'll have 2 b happy with the 2nd best person u meet!

  12. also....on another track...if you never met that perfect person, how wud u know they ever existed?

  13. I dont think there can ever be a right person for you.. People change over a period of time.. What once may seem right may not seem the same sometime later.. whats important is to understand each other and ignore subtle disagreements..

    And happy bday to ur blog :) so where's the cake buddy???

  14. Ahem, per pehle tum logon ko sooli pe chadte hue dekhunga :P

  15. Happy birthday!

    I am not qualified to comment on the main content.

  16. happy birthday 'rightmore' blog ji ... :D

    hmm… i think.. ur attraction for someone may not be a function of ur wish to stay together for life. but it sure acts as a catalyst. as for ur initial liking for somebody, it stimulates u to get to know him/her better... And as u get to know him/her better, in terms of nature/ personality etc, u realize if s/he is the right person for u. and when u decide upon staying together with someone for ur life, u do so not just because u were attracted towards him/her in the beginning, but also because s/he continued to interest u over a period of time...and the more u got to know him/her, the more worthy s/he becomes for u to spend ur life with :)

    and i totally agree with what u observe about changing impressions of others and one’s own ways of thinking of others. very true.

  17. I agree with this that we oten confuse attarction with rightness ..but on the otherside no one actually know initialy that this is attatction or u actually think that person is rite for ..and rightness has diffent levels..
    its messy subject but simple solution is follow ur heart ..

    and yes i agee u shd not hurt the ppl u love ..cos I sincerly belive if u do that then there is smthing wrong with ur feeling..

    thinking is good way to know urself :)


    may u see many more posts :D

  18. me late...but you mentersay Rightness is a Function of Attraction?

    r = f(a)?

    umm a sad one but could not resist :P

  19. Happy birthday Rightmore. Wishing you a long innings on your second birthday.

    I dont think there is just one right person for everyone, specially because the several "rights" that make a person right or perfect for us...the very definition of that does keep changing over time. And yes, people and relationships are fragile. If you want them in your life, you gotta care for them plenty.

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  21. # burf...
    yea yeah !!!

    # Soo...
    yes, being with someone for a lifetime is a project that everyone takes... and there would be good things there would be bad things... li'il that you can do about them all... so live the way the other person wants to instead of changing them for yourself...

    # kishley...
    i think so too...

    the cake is with me... come over and have it...

    # subbu..
    hmm.. :)

    # mayuri...

    i do not think you can always follow your heart... but... yes... at times yes..

    :) thanks for the wishes..

    # akash..
    did not really get the joke bro !!!

    # sayan...
    thanks dear...

    i would agree to what you said... totally agree :)

    # me...
    why did you remove your comments?

  22. okies.. when i come to delhi, i want a cake from you.. and chocolate wala..

  23. i agree to some extent....attraction is always not rightness, it can be mere infatuation but if u cling on to it, u will never find anything wrong wid it.coz then u just dont wanna let it go!

    a belated happy bday to ur blog.bachhe ki doosri saalgirah ki treat kahan hai meri:-p

  24. achha on removing my comment....actually woh kisi aur ke liye kuch likh rahi thi n galti se yahan type ho gaya tha....thts y. n wen i actually tried to comment on ur blog this stupid server of mine refused to work.

  25. right and wrong are many a times just a matter of perception..perceptions change with time...

  26. yes u cant always follow ur heart but here we are talking abt attarction and rightness ..and these are function of heart ..heart feel smthing for someone thats call attraction... heart makes a person right for us ..so heart is the only factor which can be trusted ..i don think mind play any role here ..agar aisa hota toh there wil be no Attaraction or no roightness ..we can choose any one according to our need and requirement ..life easy hoti tab

  27. # kishley...
    done :)

    # shweta...
    hmm... true...

    treat bata dena kab chahiye :)

    # ankur...
    can't agree with you more...

    # chitra...
    i have different thoughts here... Rightness is brain and Attraction is heart....