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for the ladis and the gental-mans who have been waitings for the fotus of the LEH !!!! there is a good news... you can go to my bhebsite and check out the links there to reach the fotus !!!

Some effort is required yes... but then I also did some effort to go click these fotus, and i guess its only fair for me to ask you to do some clicks :)

This is what you do..

Go to my site : http://rightmore.6te.net

Browse to my travel blog and then go to the links that I have posted there :)


  1. excellent pics as always.......u havent uploaded slr pics ?

  2. # deepak...
    waiting for all of them to arrive... i forgot to give 5 rolls... got only 8 developed....

  3. Sat for almost an hour and saw almost all the pictures. and i don't know what word to use to desribe them.

    let's just say, initially, i was jealous and later i realised that i experienced these places through your pictures(also hoping that it is only for the time being).:)

  4. # richa...
    hmm... looks like you liked the pics :) there are more... hope you will like them too...

  5. I don't know which one to pick and say this is the best. Or that this one view made the trip (in my opinion) really worth it. They are all so good. Sometimes when I look around me here in Idaho and find completely unpolluted and therefore gorgeous strips of land and water I send up a silent prayer that may things be like this for all the generations to come. Your photographs made me think on those lines again.
    They were simply beautiful.

  6. # sayan...
    yes they are all so good... i am not sure for how long the unpolluted spaces would remain around... :( i feel sad thinking that we would loose all the beauty in the world soon !!!

  7. heyyyyyyyy prashant!!! u have seriously turned out to be a seriously serious photugrapher re!! hehehe ..nai but sacchi really really nice!!! when i cme to India pls pls pls ..click me some pics of the things i want to preserve as pics but in the way they are prtrayed in ur pics!!! promise me a photoshoot pls!!! of alllllll places people and thing i want to click!!!!! pls pls!!! tumko tumhaare camere ki kasam!! hehe..ohh wait a minute i have abetter bait!! --tumhe tumhaari radha ki kasam!!! hehe...very very b`ful and deep pictures..loved them...take care..ciao! aur haan ek aur baat..i need to buy a new digi cam ...i know u may not like those but u see a tiny girl like me cannot carry a handsome sphisticated professional cam around so if u have time pls suggest me a decent one as according to the essentials u know! thanku hai ji!!..jaldi battana pls i am goin to rome in less than a month and wanted to buy one bfore!! :-)...me Neha!! just in case u didnt recognise!

  8. arre meri jaan kabristann.... zeenat amaan... kahan ho tum !!!

    shukriya hai aapke comments ke liye... and promise hai fotoshoot ke liye... waise bhi teri kuch fotu kheechni hai mereko...

    about the camera... one of the nicer digital cameras that I am recommending everyone these days is a Canon Powershot A620... tu dekh zara kitte paise ka hai wahan par...

    S2 and S1 ka price bhi dekh lena... dono canon ke hi models hain !!!

  9. okiee!!! cool will do that!!! yipppeee for the photoshoot!! hehehe...

  10. wow!!! u've been to heaven :) n just to let u know i am a regular on ur blog, just not felt like commenting.. :(

  11. i hv got more pics for my collection now.....brilliant pics!