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gOiNg... 2... geT... LEH'ed...

Dear BLOG!!!

I am going to get LEH'ed (as Pawan says)... and would not be around for another 9 days!!!

Dear Visitor...
I am going to get LEH'ed... and the blog you need to watch out for in the next 9 days is http://lehtrip.blogspot.com... I would try to update it as frequently as possible during the course of our journey!!!

Till then!!!

May God be with us...

Amen !!!


  1. go get leh'ed :D
    and may god be with u.. amen! :)
    all the best to the leh-party..
    hv fun..

  2. all the best! have a good amout of fun :)

    Mr. Anonymous

  3. :) gud luck with your Leh trip.. i checked ur blog after talkin to ya :) i missed a lot on ur blog it seems..

  4. I could see the bloody smile on your face the whole time this evening...I am sure it was the thought of *cough* getting LEHed. :P Loser.

    Masti karna. At the same time take care of your health. And the other grown-ups that are with you. :D

  5. I feel so left out :( of your group. DAMN.

    Enjoy ur trip and make sure do get LEHed.