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LoNg TiMe....

When I came to office on the 21-August 2006... I completed 2 years with the Bharti Account... the longest I have stayed with a firm!!!

While I am happy about all the learning I got in these two years about a completely new line of service, IT Service Management, I am also thinking of what exactly is there in future with IBM...

It’s a question that I could keep asking myself, while time slowly moves by, a few birthdays come in, and some more milestones at work get achieved!!!

Have you ever wondered why a day without sunlight is depressing?


  1. hey.. congrats on ur successful two yrs at bharti/ibm :)
    and yes, it sure is a time to reflect back and also to plan ur future career moves,, good luck with that :)

    a day without sunlight.. its not depressing for me.. i take a darkness as a normal routine experience and just live thru it.. and i know it is going to be all bright next day :D

    oh, btw,,i noticed that u repeated ur write-up while posting it.

  2. a day without sunshine in del summers are perfectly welcome.......
    good luck for future and stay till u can learn....the moment u think learning is not happening....time to move.......

  3. Prashant 2 years since known hmmmmmmmmm......time flies haan.....good luck sunshine for your future endevours watever u may decide

  4. 2 years? Wonderful.
    Here's wishing you a great growth rate ahead.

    Day without sunlight? Never noticed. I guess it'd be nice. Better than the scorching heat.

  5. well I have been in the same compay for almost four years now, I dont know how and why.
    But yes definately days without sunlight are depressing. those who dont believe it should come and live in england and you will know how it feels not to see sunlight for months altogether.

    As for the answer to that question...arey bhai depression happens because of deficiency of vitaminD hahahaha ;)

  6. # mayuri...
    shukriya... though it got completely unnoticed in the office :P

    i was not talking about a day without sunlight actually... should have chosen the words properly... i love cloudy weather too... what i was talking about is a day when you can actually see the sun, but it just looks like a huge circle on the sky because some white looking clouds have covered it..

    the environment is gloomy, and there is no air and all... but anyway.. the day is over so is the gloom...

    @ deeps...

    # aqui...
    true... i have to thank you for making my first few months in the Org. worth being in!!!

    # rohit...
    thanks bro...

    a day without sunlight, no air, humid... not sure how one can really like it..

    # abhi...
    hmm... think.. how and why? and tell me soon...

    Vitamin D... true... mereko ko bhi kuch harmonal impact lag raha thaa kal :P

  7. Welcome back. Interesting post and loved the road signs!!!

    Is nice to know you completed 2 years...after leaving my job I wonder two years is a hell of a long time!!!

    But as deepak said...if you can't learn anymore..it's time to move.

    And as far as the day without sunlight is depressing!!!! I mean something needs to be corrected. You said you didn't mean a clody weather for you love it...then sir...its a night...and not all nights are depressing....the darkness can also come as a blessing in disguise...its how you see and witness the experience!!!

  8. gud to know tht u r a stable person...two yrs is no small period. but agree wid deepak too!

    a day widout sunlight is not always depressing....again is a matter of one's perception!

  9. hey!!!!
    congratulations on completing the two years. yaar aapki itti saari treats accumulate ho gayi hain. mujhe to abhi tak IBM join karne ki bhi nahi mili.
    kab de rahe ho?

  10. CONGRATS!!

    well its always nice to look back with proud when u have smthing to look back ..so i m sure u must b happy to see ur footprint over the past :)

    and day without sunlight ... for me its like body without soul ..cos i think once in a day i need light to recharge me ..

    Vitamin D is essential :D

  11. A day without sunlight is depressing for me on the days I have to attend school and tuition classes.On such days,I like to see the dust particles moving in the ray of sunlight that comes in through our verandah.That serves as the first thing to make me energetic for a long day.

  12. Hey buddy
    Keep up the good work.

    And incidentally the "Butterfly" who has commented on your blog is my 13 year old cousin who is new to blogging. I got her introduced to blogs and their addiction when I went to Cal this time. I also told her a lot about co-bloggers and friends like you. I guess she sought you out from my list of "Blogs I Visit", and at some level your post touched her enough to make her leave a comment.

    We are inspiration enough for the next generation Snickle aren't we? :)

  13. problem opening your photo blog. i'd left a comment yesterday which is also not there today.

  14. # kanu...
    it sure is a long time :)

    about the day without sunlight... i think i did not choose the right words... will write again something about this...

    # Shweta...
    this is the longest re !!!

    perception yes !!!

    # richa...
    thanks dear... hmm... treat milegi milegi !!!

    # chitra...

    # butterfly...
    welcome to the blog-world... nice to see you here and i hope you will keep coming back...

    the dust particles in a ray of sunlight... interesting thought !!!

    # sayan...
    thanks buddy...

    i am happy she left a comment, hoping she comes back and write more...

    we sure are the BESHTEST BESHT....

    # richa...
    fotublog to mastum chal raha hai re !!!

  15. actually a day w/o light is not really depressing.. i like it that way..