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last day in Delhi before I move out !!!

phew... no packing... nothing !!!

how on earth am i going to do my packing !!! how how...


  1. beta kaam karne se hogablog post daalney se nahin :-P

  2. same situation here........have done nothing...waise ankur sir ki baat main dam hai :D

  3. :D :D :D

    anyone need helping hand :P

    well i think my policy is "help urself "

    so abhi se packing karo ..both D n P


  4. i can't come along but i could definitely help.
    subah phone karna aur i'll direct and you pack.

  5. # ankur...
    haan haan zaroor... kal saare kapde nikaal ke bed par daal diya... aaj sab kuch bag mein bhar dunga !!!

    # deeps...
    ab tak to ho gai hogi?

    # chitra...
    i could really do well with someone packing my stuff for me.... for my love of travelling, i really am bad a packing stuff !!!

    # richa...
    hmm... i know.. you have helped me before too...
    let me pack it myself this time.... kab tak bachchho ki tarah help leta rahunga !!!

  6. kuchj nahi hui hai....office se ghar jakar karoonga

  7. Hahahha... LOSER. I suck at packing too...but I always keep it ready in time :D :D :D

    MUJHE BHI JANA HAI!!! X-( Ye mere saath kyun hota hai!!! X-(

    See ya at 5.30!

  8. # rohit...


    par whatever said and done.. I AM GOING !!!

    c u...

  9. @ deepak & prashant

    abhi tak packing nahi hui..

    kya sadhu baba logon ki tarah pahaadon pe jaane ka iraada hai? :P
    how-how kya kar rahe ho.. ghar jayo .. aur apne aap packing karo
    all the best (for packing and getting ready in time)