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qUiCkiE :)

the last two days have been really busy in office.... phew...

and summers have arrived in delhi... it only makes sense to reach office before 0900 hrs.. so that i can save myself from the traffic as well as the heat...

and not leave office before the sun sets... bad bad summer...

construction would start at home today... we are building a floor for ourself.. any ideas, contact details and suggestions on the interiors/exteriors/furniture/paint combo/ flooring/kitchen works would be appreciated...

and i am getting back to work now...


  1. Good quickie indeed...fast, efficient, conveyed what it had to...in other words, perfect quickie.

    All the best with the construction work, and with beating the heat. Hope you're able to do as many of your favorite things as possible to take care of it.

  2. yeah,summers suck. abhi to i'm just glad that i'm home. but jab classes shuru hoyengi to pata chalega. i'll have to go at 2 in the afternoon. bhun jayungi main to. :(

    ok construction finally beginning.
    jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho..
    deewaron ko jab sajaana ho...

  3. grrrrrreat!!! have sooooooooooooooooooo many suggestions kahan se shurru karoon pata nai!:-(

  4. i hate the weather too...its so hot.....!!!

    abt the house ..make sure it has big windows....get french windows...and loads of plants...

  5. @ sayantani...
    i hope so too..

    # richa...
    summers are bad bad...
    nerolac.. yes... i would have 1000 shade cards with me soon... and i will also be looking at how the walls need to look... texture and all...

    # neha...
    kahin se to shuru kar... aise maje nai aate na !!!

    # alice..
    :( ya...
    big windows.. yes.. i actually wanted a glass wall... but dad said no... wanted to see how rain looks like when it falls in that glass wall ... but daddy said no... i will still try to convince him... lets see..

    big windows.. hmm... french windows? what are they like?

    plants.. yes... that are already there in abundance... and more space would only add to the number.. which is so good... :)

  6. I don`t know if they are called so but actual French windows are just normal just longer but that does not fit the Indian way of architecture because are roofs are not as high so u cd instead go for Bombay style windows,they are all very wide and a little higher than delhi conventional windows and they are sliding windows so u can make them wider as the outer windows don`t have to open into a wall (wonder if I can explain by writing) and then the inner "sil" the wondowsil can be broad enough for a person to sit with legs in lenght and that can be made out of marble..i think i will draw it out and send,the french blinds ofcorse are famous.. and yaa howeve ramazing it may sound don`t even think about a glass wall it will cost you more than making an entire room wd cost cause it depends on the thickness of the glass and for a wall it better be thick and ofcorse unbreakable..unfortunately that will break(the back) your budget bigtime ..wait for the whole house to finish u wd realise that even plain modiguard mirror for bathroom will cost a lot!!!!! i`ll mail u my suggestions !!:-)

  7. try PVC piping instead of GI - it is much better - rust-free, hygenic and as durable as GI, doing great at my place

    use internet sockets along with cable and phone sockets

    make sure the mason has some experience with tiles - not all regular masons can do tiles, they need knowledge of alignment and cement usage and width of crevaces etc.

    there are a lot other tips mom n pop might give if u visit home

  8. great..
    i read your quickie post and guess i can give u some tips..courtesy to my nana -nani ji who have been 'practically trainning me for building a house of my own some day .. phew...
    and since i gotta share a lot of things on the topic, i'd better write a mail to u :)

    promise me a treat, if u find any part of that long mail useful..

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  10. Just that ek room mere liye bhi banwa lena--chances of me getting thrown of this house are HIGH these days.

  11. gud luck.......have long windows with glass and no grills , alumnium doors and bright colors..........if u have no plans to add more floors then go for lil high roof or rather diagonal roof just like huts..........

  12. heres a quickie from my side mail baad mein--
    plinth --obviously very very deep--oops tum toh floor bana rahe ho!!! anyways below the flooring get antileak liquid added with anti termite solution--kal ko agar upar waale floor mein leakage hoga toh neeche not affected,anti termite wont allow deemak from below to come up..

    windows --- as i said practical is wide windows preferably sliding but grills unfortunately in delhi are must..go for a chick small chequered grill looks less 'grillish' and funky.

    doors--- hey wil continue more later ,there some amazing waether outside after ages ,will make use of it..wil write mor elater!

  13. title surely got me hooked...suggestions

    1. Use 2 colored tiles in the bathroom. Dark till 4 feet hieght then border and then light colored tiles.

    2. Get the most expensive black granite for bathroom slabs.

    3. get bathroom fittings that open with a lift, the twisties are time and effort waste.

    4. Dont do too much internal wiring for telephone. Now is the time for cordless and Mobile. Save money.

    5. In kitchen cabinets use normal iron hinges. Dont use the smart ones that come now a days, they go bad in a yr.

    6. in the roof insert 4 inch boxes in corners, for corneer focus lights. They look lovely.

    7. To speedy floor laying u can consider polished marble or polished marble tiles.

    8. Use light brown glass in all windows, saves summer sun.

    more later..

  14. what do u mean by "ourself". I thought the whole house belonged to u.Anyways I see there are so many people suggesting u so i wont. just one suggestion though ;) .
    Since u like music make sure u have a bath dub in the bathroom and fixed speakers which are connected to ur tv, radio and music system.

  15. loads of suggestion for you........:))talks a lot abt u

    good luck

  16. anony answered ur qs already...and yeah mumbai windows are cool...i'll try and get a pic...and yeah the wall color shd be white or some very subtle pastel shade or something....

    i love open spaces...try and have minimum furniture...and the curtains shd be light weight ...free flowing curtains..

    and when ur house is done....do invite me for a drink...ok

  17. I have nthing to suggest u cos its ur house ..n i cant advice u since i don know the practical aspect of all these stuff but yes your post remind me my dream house ..jisse mom kafi ajeeb maanti hain ..
    well ab likhna shuru kiya hain so i will tell u wat i think abt interior n colour thing ..

    according to me interior shd me well fitted w/o buying anything new cos i really don think that if u buy so many painting n ark wrk ..that wil make ur house look good ..house reflects the personalty of the house holder ..

    For drwaring room - i suggest - minimum furniture wid wide windows ,white colour for wall n mauve clour shiffan curtains..along wid some silver ark wrk ..n i think paintings shd not be very colourful..

    for kitchen- pale yellow wall paint wali modula kitchen ..

    n bath room - think that shd have mouve pink wid white tiles .

    n the bed roo - double curtains in navy blue,light sky blue wall paint ..wid a bed n :)

    again minimum furniture :)

    anyways thats my types of house :P

    ab ur post forced me to write all this otherwise mein apne blog pe daalti :D

    best of luck for construction wrk ..n do take care its hot nowdays :)

  18. @ neha..

    longer windows are in... for sure... sliding.. not too sure actually... windows where i can sit with my legs outside and myself inside would be super cool :)

    french blinds... yes.. i think in the drawing room i would not have the regular cloth curtains.. but something more stylish... lets see...

    glass wall yes.. unfortunately i will have to drop the idea :(

    mail me whatever you think i should know... will wait..

    @ burf...
    talked about that to dad.. will update you..

    and yes... net sockets lets see...

    tiles.. i know... we had an issue last we did some tile work.. this time will be more careful..

    @ mayuri...

    thanks for your email.. am waiting for the part two..

    @ rohit..
    sure dude...

    # deepak...
    no grills... heheh... how i wish... bright colours yes... rather happy colours...

    we need to add more floors...

    # neha...
    wonderful suggestions... will keep'em in mind...

    @ ankur...
    i tried calling you for a different reason.. and found out that you are in the US again..

    about your suggestions.. that's exactly wat I am looking for.. thanks bro...

    @ abhi..
    it belongs to dad.. and ourself meant mom dad and me....

    i loved your suggestion... that would be taken care of ... infact, i might get some wiring done for speakers all over...

    @ aqui...

    @ alice...
    get a pic...

    white is not practical here in noida.. or delhi.. too much dust and dirt.. but the windows colours would be some light paster colours for sure...
    waise mera ghar abhi bahar se white hi hai... we plan to change it to red...

    minimum furniture yes... i need space around the place... free flowing curtains yes...

    invitations for the drinks would be served for sure :) i saw some wonderful glasses as well today for the drinks :)

    % chitra...
    wonderful thoughts.. some of them would be applied here in noida too.. thanks for sharing them here...

  19. matlab theek hi suna hain humne ki construction ke baad aapke haath peele kar diye jayengey
    badhai ho
    construction shuru hone ki ... haath peele hone ki badhai baad mein dengey

  20. Oye, Lalit Saab kya keh rahe hain? Kya yeh sach hai ki hum sab ko nachne ka mauka jald milega? Kya Prashant bawa ka time aa gaya?! :P

  21. @ lalit ...
    beta hawai kile banane chor do... filhaal bhai ka koi plan nai hai....

    # rohit..
    lalit sahab aise hi khush ho rahe hain....
    tereko naachne ka itta hi showk hai to bol.. mein tereko mumbai ke kisi beer baar mein fit kara deta hoon... naachta rehna jitna naachna hai :P

  22. NO! Yeh bhi ek art hota hai. Everything's not about money you bugger. :P

  23. i remember u have stairs..so try getting some permanent finishing done till 4 feet hieght in the stairs. People generally keep hands on the wall while climbing and they get dirty fast.Think abt the options. Grit finish is one option.

    In kitchen i used granite tiles on walls instead of normal tiles. The benifit are that as they are big in size, there are less joints which get dirty. They have a very long life. Very less grime sticks because of smooth surface and cleaning is easy. Granite tiles should come in the range of 45-65 per sq foot. As kitchen has less wall area, u wont need to spend 2 much xtra.

    Get both electric chimney and exhaust in kitchen. that will help increase the life and looks of kitchen.

    Get all the plumbing pipes in the house checked with Pressure meter before the plasterng of walls start. U dont want to discover leaks when all is done.

    Dont economize on the paint. Get the most expensive. They prove more economical as they have longer life and more spread area. Labour is more expensive in painting.

    And y had u called me??something imp..mail me abt it.

  24. @ ankur...

    you've given me the best of the suggestions... you win :)

    and thanks a ton man !!!

    i called you to find out about petra... one of my friends wants to get a car.. and i was pushing him into test driving a petra.. and dynamic motors does not even have a single car or a handout in the showroom... ( i hate that) and nawab only had the 1.6 gtx and the 1.2 EL palios there...

  25. Petra is awesome. i dont think there is any car that can compete on the price and quality. Now with tata motors backing..it is even better., the only issue is resale price. My 2 friends bought petra after me,,simply because after seeing my car and price they cud not buy anything else..he he he. Once u drive a petra every other car in that segment appears pale.

    Ur frnd can email the fiat marketing from thier site, they will send a car for test drive. That worked for me last time :-D