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CaN... TaLk...MoRe...

guess what did i do today...

ok.. forget it... i will tell you...

i used to think that ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) means Disc Brakes in the rear wheels... and was wondering how come the Swift and the Accent Viva have Drum brakes and still claim to have ABS.. while a Corolla has a Disc Brake and also has an ABS ( which looked right to me )

so i finally decide to research and read about it...

the first stop was the yahoo answers site.. i have been looking at its banner for a while now on the DND.. but it did not have a lot of good content in this context.. and next i went to the site where i get all my answers... not about life though...

jai ho howstuffworks.com ki
so i read about

and then I read about the
Disc Brakes

and i now carry some more knowledge then what i had about 2 hours back..

and hey...

i also read about Toyota Innova today... i love that car...

so if you want you can talk to me about three more topics now...
  • Anti-Lock Breaks
  • Disc Breaks
  • Innova...
am i cool or what :)

oh... and this is how my house is looking these days....


  1. ME FIRST!

    Uh... I can't see the pic..is there a pic at all?!

    How Stuff Works rocks!

  2. there is a pic for sure :)

    i can see it..

    and yes.. how stuff works is good !!!

  3. I see it now. Blogger bugger. The first time I accessed your page, it didn't load it. Grr

    Saturday confirm kar lo aap. Hope to see you!

  4. kya technie details. uff!

    aur aapka ghar! can't even figure out wht's what.

  5. BASTM's sentiments exactly.
    Kya techie details hain?!!!

  6. OHk lets talk abt few more tech stuff :)
    n yes u inspire me to add smthing abt my nanorobot :D

  7. i love innova too.....but too sad its mostly seen as a cab now.....

  8. May be some day when i have the money........u'll be the perfect person to talk to.........by that time keep researching.....

  9. gud info!! :) n r u getting ur home renovated?? ( dumb ques i know after seeing ur home's pic :D)

  10. # rohit..
    blogger bugger nai.. rohit gadha..

    # richa..
    techie details nai hai re.. wo to maine daale hi nai...
    ghar.. this pic is from the centre of what used ot be my room once...

    # sayan...

    please go ahead... i am sure ppl would like to read about them...

    arre nai... frankly i have seen more innova as private cars then cabs...

    i'll always be the perfect person to talk to :) for innova or otherwise :)

    # kishley...
    :) yes.. home getting renovated...

  11. come to our org and u ll see more innovas as cabs than qualises or sumos..........

    btw modesty is no more in vogue rite....why wudnt u let othr ppl decide

  12. Excellent, love it! »