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i ThE wRiTeR...

Nidhi..."i am not sure...."

Nikhil..." i am.... i cannot see tears in your eyes... i cannot imagine you crying... i cannot think of a day when you are not smiling... "


Nikhil..." because the only person i want you to be with when you are crying is me... the only shoulder i want your head on when you are crying is mine... the only fingers who wipe your tears away when you are crying should be mine... the only arms that hold you tight when you cry should be mine... and I know this can never happen.. so you better not cry...."

...this is a scene from one of the movies I am going to direct sometime in my life....


  1. ME FIRST!
    Rohit you bloody loser....I am so proud of you for being so f@$%^ing late!

  2. thts some senti stuff....im surely gonna watch ur movie.jaldi se kaam shuru karo movie ka waise bhi now a days gud movies r not cuming up n those r gud r banned....so u plz try n rescue pple...hehe.btw all the best!

  3. oye btw nidhi is my bua's name n her son's name is nikhil...hehe.

  4. hmm well dont know but i feel like i have read something like this somewhere........i hope u dont turn out to be another kavya :D take care :)
    just joking...........

  5. Woodie is a LOSER too! Comment chhodne ke alawa sab kuch likh diya. :P

    Prashant, sab theek hai be? Ye sab kya hai?

    Itni dramatic banegi tumhari film? :O

  6. Kyonki maine to socha tha ki kuch masti types banegi. Ye to serious wali ho gayi bidu. Chalo, let's wait for more on this one.. Who knows, Prashant bawa ek do award-shaward le jayein!

  7. love it!

    and i hope u remember that u once promised me a role in your movie. yeh wohi movie hai ya koi aur? :)

  8. that moved me..
    and somehow it seemed so familiar...
    i dont know if i hv a right to say it, but i'd say something in awe of thy prelude...may be this is how i'd love to see the next scene of that movie of urs..

    Nikhil.. "...so u better not cry.."

    Nidhi.."then..let me cry this one time...because i know u r here..this one time..can rest my head on ur shoulder..can feel ur fingers wiping my tears away..can feel ur hands holding mine..can feel ur arms holding me tight..just this time..can hear u telling me things will be alright...let me cry now in ur arms....and i wont cry ever again if u r not there to hold me like this...."

    ........somebody say CUT !!!

  9. # shweta...
    arre senti nai romantic stuff :)
    i sure will try to rescue a lot of ppl someday :)

    # deepak...
    you must have said this... and thought of this when you were thinking about your girlfriend :) we all think about these lines.... i just managed to write them on the blog..

    @ rohit...
    abe drama to toone dekha hi nai hai abhi.. ek scene ki wajah se tu poori film ko judge mat kar bhai...

    @ rohit..
    phir wahi...
    ek scene se poori picture ka pata chal gaya tereko kya? :)

    @ richa..
    tera role to pakka hai... tu tension mat le.. par tu is scene mein nai hai..
    ye to mera aur meri na hone wali biwi ke beech ka dialogue hai :)

    @ mayuri...
    aap to kuch zyada ki serious ho gaye maidam :) yash chopra nai bana raha movie.. prashant bhardwaj bana raha hai :P

    @ raina...

  10. I wanted to take my own sweet time before replying to this post, that's why Rohit I wrote only the "me first" bit.

    This is very very nice. Right from the event (whether imagined or real), to the words, to the sentiment behind it...this is one of your most well-written posts ever.

    Let me join your movie making team as an assistant. If not anything else, I will just carry glasses of water around for director sa'ab and all the big stars. :-D

  11. prashant...
    serious nahi hui re.. thodi si senti jarur ho gayi thi.. bataya tha naa ye comment likhne se pahle Andaz (raj kapoor wali) dekh rahi thi !!
    aur ye bhi nahi bataya ki meri lines kaise lagi :P
    and yes, hope u ll make a nice..i mean.. really really nice movie someday :)

  12. the movie name ... NIDHI AND NIKHIL

  13. aur mere khyaal se deepak sahi keh raha hai... I also feel somewhere I have read something on these lines

  14. # sayan...

    you will be the partner assistant kya..

    @ mayuri..

    @ you, yourself..
    :) good good..

    # aseem...
    nai.. that is not the name.. not even close..

    #aseem again..
    deepak sahi keh raha hai.. there is nothing new in these lines... you will read hear lines like this everywhere...

    i only remember reading these on my blog.. and no where else :)

  15. And..err..camera mujhse karana, okay?

  16. I want the distributing rights in Karnataka. Will be a "sakhat hit, maaga"!

  17. Looking forward for complete movie ... :)

  18. eee eee.....very good writer mister. who r these nidhi and nikhil. i m sure its not a story. well ... anyway good writing.
    wanted to ask you some thing, do u know how to upload or link a music or video file to my blog?

  19. even i want to know how to upload music?

  20. This may be a scene of a movie u wud direct...but these words count a lot for someone to whom they are told...
    there is no expectation.. none at all..just a bond...a bond so strong that even if these two people loose contact over time, that bond would remain... i can assure u of that...
    And another thing i can assure u is that whenever nidhi wud meet nikhil, he would find the same smile on her face... because she knows her smile counts a lot...

    I wish nidhi was as good with words as nikhil to put across her feelings...
    n then i feel...she doesnt need to tell him... he already knows...


  21. OKAY.....Wait a minute here!!!! what is happening?

    Well Sir, I ought to say something...

    Yu do not look that mushy. Let me rephrase that...when i knew you....you never seemed that you had a string in your heart that could move in the rythm of so much mush. Its like....you know....All I rememer about you was a tall dark guy, moderaely decent looking with a hideuosly short haircut (apologise but i never like our heair cut!) who would speak very nicely with my team lead but had some major atitude hassle.

    SOrry...the point i was trying to make was....you were not that romantic??? or were you????

    Well...now about the scene....it was too sad. Now that is when i am presuming that the woman was in love with the man and vice versa.

    And strangely i had a faint voice in my mind saying...


    But then...i might be wrong.

  22. Hey Miss Kanu!
    I m not being rude nad i dont know how well or close u know prashant but just for the information..... ocean is always much much deeper than it looks at the surface and there are species living there which may not even be know to anyone; but they are there. Always.

    If oyu understood what I just said, well and good, otherwise dont try to understand it. its alright.
    Cheers. ;)

  23. Dear Abhi,

    Please understand i was not trying to offend anyone. It was a little banter...all i said was that when i knew Prashant, I had that perception.

    But things change....i never ever said I doubted Prashant's true nature...All i said was...

    I am surprised and well...Surprised says it all.


    I was not being judgemental...just...

    Well I guess I can get rude.

    My heartfelt apologies to you..And If Prashant feels like this....My apologies to you too.

  24. # rohit..
    sure dude... you are the guy :)

    # subbu...
    done... hope you are in a better city then banglore though when the movie releases... tereko pan india distribution rights de dunga main :)

    @ chitra..
    same here :)

    # abhi...
    umm... actually nothing which is told is a story every... something or the other comes from real life isn't it?

    yaar music and video.. i will have to do some research and let you know...

    @ shweta...
    lemme find out for you..

    @ anony..

    @ kanu...
    i am smiling after i read what you have written :)
    i love my hair cut :) its so neat :)

    attitude hassles.. umm... lemme write a post about that.. but in a line... i might look like i throw attitude a lot.. but once you are in talking terms... i am the most approachable fella around...

    i was always a die hard romantic... totally...

    and love has nothing to with it actually... there is a bond between these two human beings... you want to call it love it.. call it that...

    @ abhi..
    thanks bro for coming to my rescue.. but then what kanu said was basis what she knows of me...

    so all is cewl :)

    @ kanu...
    na... i was never offended... never ever :)

  25. "i am smiling after i read what you have written :)
    i love my hair cut :) its so neat :)

    attitude hassles.. umm... lemme write a post about that.. but in a line... i might look like i throw attitude a lot.. but once you are in talking terms... i am the most approachable fella around...

    i was always a die hard romantic... totally...

    and love has nothing to with it actually... there is a bond between these two human beings... you want to call it love it.. call it that..."

    I completely vouch for each and every word in this comment......

    By the way lazy bum no post over teh weekend inspite of you having a connection at home.........very bad........

  26. I guess that is what i was saying...there are few things that are still undescribed. I wouldn't call it love for people don't understand love. It is more like...

    Call it what you please.

    And I did say i used to think like that...i am just sad we were never on talking terms to see this side of your personality.

    Now that i look at your Hair cut...come to think of it...nothing else would suit you.

    Ok (grudgingly!!!!!) you do look decent...

    And romantic...hmmmmm

    Good Hai

  27. Peace Kanu :)))))
    Appologies for any offence done.

  28. and how's the home improvement going?????

  29. arre itni senti pic mat banana nahi to mein hi ro padungi.. :)

  30. # aqui...

    # kanu...
    good to hai... we can always get on talking terms to discover this side of my personality.... there would always be something new about me...

    # alice...
    haanji milega....

    home improvement chal raha hai... ho raha hai.. dheere dheere...

    # rohit..
    updated.. and what the hell is this nigga... use proper language with me please...

    # kishley...
    nai nai.. ye to ek scene thaa.. poori picture to mast hogi :P

  31. Beautiful post.
    Haan yeh scene sirf ek film ka hi ho sakta hai. Real life main aisa kuch hota nahi hai :)

    Kaash life filmy hoti...or even better..agar main bollywood actor hoti to shayad aise kuch filmy par khubsurat pal jeenay ka mauka milta :D

  32. Hota hai real life mein bhi hota hai !!! hua hai !!!

    tumhaari life koi kam filmy hai? :D