Random images from my flickr stream...



McLeodganj Re-ViSiTeD...

Oklie doklie doks...

on our way to triund

in triund or on triund... i dunno :)

i did not think twice before i deleted most of my landscapes... *is rohit happy :)* and i am not too happy with the people that i have clicked this time... why.. because most of it was not thought of... but clicked very very quickly...
a monastery near our hotel...

so a lot of fotos deleted...
some of them ignored...
some out of focus and useless..

and the rest... have been uploaded...
from the dalai lama temple...getting jiggy with it :) *4-10e*

and i am happy :) you can click here and be happy too :)

so basically i would be found somewhere on the streets when i am traveling next... just clicking more janta...


  1. Me first!
    SayanDi.. this is the 6th!

    DALAI LAMA TEMPLE! Wish I can visit once.

    Good that you're happy. I need to be one of those kinds soon.

    Going to check out the pictures!

  2. And..

    *is rohit happy :)*
    Yeah! Hehee. Just saw the Flickr set. And.. some shots are WOW.

    'Another Monestry'.. I like it!
    And... this picture where Tushar is sitting with an Enfield in the frame!
    *675900141... Really nice!

    Thank God you got St. John's Church.. I've heard a lot about it.

    But yea..seems you weren't in the mood. Next time. But there are good shots man.. as always!

  3. Hey loveli pics prashant :)
    sply the one wid ur shoes :D
    but seriously acchi pics hain
    n guess wat i opened ur blog bfore my blog ..kaha tha na wil see ur blog sabse pahle :)

  4. trek to trikund - first two....are goood...v good........few street pics are nice.......dalai lama ones are good...spl first one.......

  5. nice!!

    somehow i saw myself wishing to see close-ups of lots of things that u clicked. but waise a lot of good pictures too.


    rocks of triund look good.

    that one pic looked like a proper ad for activ.

    were those animals dogs?? damn cuuuute! :)

    trek to triund wali pics are also quite nice.

    pics of the church...gooood!
    it's a pretty church. different from the colourful ones that i have seen.

    mazaa aaya. :)

  6. # rohit...
    :) there is nothing great about that temple bro... itta senti hoke mat bol.. I wish and all...
    yes i am happpy :)

    what have you heard about the church?

    mood ka pata nai.. par results utne achche nai hai jitne mein expect kar raha thaa...
    anyway.. better next time...

    # chitra...
    arre wah !!!! aap ko thank you hai ji :)

    good you liked them ..

    # richa..
    you can get the closeups.. these are bigger pictures resized... closeups are possible if i crop some pics... lemme know wat would you like to see..

    the animals... there were humans...mules...dogs...

    yes.. it was nice church... looked haunted though :)

    good tereko maza aaya..

    # chitra again..

  7. First of all,
    @ Rohit
    Tu count kar raha hai? Kittna vella insaan hain. Aur just because I am not online 24*7 you are getting away with all this nonsense. You shall be suitably punished.

    @ Prashant
    10e very pleased. :D
    You ARE my favorite person of the day. What sumptuous photos! Love the ones inside the Dalai Lama Temple, the one of the two pink flowers, the one of the wrinkled, old lady sitting...and many many more.

  8. @Woodie
    I was online the whole day yesterday. Vella bhi tha. Won't retaliate. :D
    And...counting is good at times. Wish I could've been counting notes instead. :|

  9. This Dalai Lama temple is breathtaking. wish i cd visit too.. nice pics

  10. @ sayan...
    good good... 10E is pleased :)
    am happy you liked the fotos too.. am not very happy with the results though... the percentage of good fotos is kinda less then what i wanted to keep myself satisfied...

    @ kishley...
    you will.. some day... for sure.. good luck...

  11. nice pics..
    i hv been following ur fotu-blog for quite sometime now , and from what i observer here, i can say 'u do justice to landscapes as well as to the portraits...after all, a good picture always remains a good picture' :D

    the Mc Leodganj pics..i liked in particular 'let there be light', 677700151 with kiddo, triund- spl the-all-rocks ones, active ad,67760051- clouds,trek to triund,

    and i guess pics like 677800071 and 675700281 would hv been much better with a different angle.perhaps a more close shot could do the trick.

    where r u planning ur next trip to? :)

  12. # mayuri..
    thanks for the kind words...

    you've seen the pics resized.. maybe when you see the actual size.. then you might see the pics differently !!! but i have taken the point..

  13. the first and third pic are awesome... nice..

  14. another fun trip...more wonderful pics. too too too gud:) keep up ur trips!

  15. @ alice...
    bas do hi pics achchi lagi.. ya abhi tak flickr dekhi hi nai hai?

    @ shweta...
    kahan ho bhai.. itte din se gayab?