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x-pReSSion, FiLmi iShTyLe !!!

my latest hobby... browsing thru Economic times website and look for something interesting to read online.... this interesting is something that might be talking about some companies... their plans to grow and diversify... whats new coming to india... what the latest happening in some industry...

and here is what i stumbled upon... not really applicable for me as of now... but whenever the need comes i just might go back to this link and take a few tips.... till then... if you were wondering on how to..... go ahead.... Express your love, filmi style!!!


  1. hey prashant . came here via alka's blog. loved your comment on her last post .
    you write well .

  2. @ Sanguine : Thanks for dropping by... the comment there came straight from the heart actually.. was kinda annoyed at that one sided post...

    thanks for the compliment :)

  3. so when are u expressing your love the filmi way.

  4. Aqui78 : When i am expressing it the filmi ish-tyle.... eh !!! when i get my Meg Ryan i will ;)